A Magazine Advertisement Analysis of a Trax Magazine Advertisement

This is a magazine advertisement of Trax Magazine, a magazine about music entertainment and discovering new artists. Now this is a picture of a woman bent over her sink spewing vomit from her ear whilst a male is playing an electric guitar in the next room and seems to be quite enjoying himself. What i can see from this advertisement is the boy, seemingly either a boyfriend or a brother, has a alternative rock feel to the room with binders of what looks like sheet music, and a variety of alternative rock posters hanging on the walls.

What is interesting is that the room is messy with toys and vinyl records on the floor, and both of the characters are young and dressed in alternative rock fashion, long messy hair on the boy and studded belt paired with black leather heels on the girl, that seems to aim toward a younger demographic.you can see skulls on the walls and a skateboard stuffed under the bed, and the decore has far traveled from the bedroom into the bathroom.

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The woman with her ear throwing up in the sink seems to suggest that she doesn’t really like what she hears and represents what looks like response to noise pollution.

The caption on the bottom states “The electro magazine that makes you fussy”. Now by looking at the caption and seeing the reaction of the woman listening to the boy playing the electric guitar she has already passed the point of being fussy listening to the music that is being played in the surrounding area and would rather listen to something more appealing to her.

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Not stating that maybe alternative rock isn’t her style but perhaps suggesting that she would rather listen to something that is a little bit more her speed and adheres to her liking rather than what suits the rest of those who share her living space.

Another interesting observation i have noticed is the expression on both of their faces. The boy is very interested in what he is playing on the electric guitar and is highly excited by the music. The woman on the other hand shows a look of disgust to what is currently going on around her, albeit the act happening to her ear or the response to what the boy is excited about but there seems to be an interesting implication that she needs something better out in the world of music than the boy is providing her with, which makes an excellent advertisement for this magazine.

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