The Story Of My Superpower and My Choice Of a Superpower

My choice of a superpower goes back to a story from Indian mythology that I read in my childhood, wherein God, in the form of Lord Shiva, consumed the deadly poison that arose from the ocean and threatened all life on the planet. His actions are said to have saved the universe from destruction.

Humans are polluting the world in many ways, as most people know. This ranges from chemicals that runoff into water bodies to the accumulation in landfills of exorbitant amounts of unnecessary plastic waste.

For this reason, the superpower I want is one in which I can consume and break down any and all toxins in order to help clean up the planet.

Of course, there are many initiatives to battle the accumulation of these toxins around the world, one of which is the process of bioremediation. The advantage of bioremediation is lower costs and less environmental disruption when compared to other clean-up methods. However, while bioremediation is indeed very successful in some cases, it has its limitations.

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In order to be effective, the microbes generally require a very specific environment. Factors like oxygen levels, pH, temperature, and nutrient level must all align in order for the process to actually work. The variability in these factors is often difficult or impossible to control, thereby making the process of bioremediation difficult to implement in a variety of situations.

Another current limitation facing bioremediation is its scope in terms of the number of different toxins it can be applied to; only certain toxins can currently be broken down based on the current knowledge we have on microbes.

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If we haven’t discovered a microbe that can break down a certain toxin yet, then that toxin ends up falling outside the scope of bioremediation.

That’s where my superpower comes in. It will allow me to transcend the limitations that bioremediation solutions currently have. With my superpower, I can degrade any toxin, regardless of its chemical structure and the current mechanisms we have to deal with it, overcoming current limitations of environmental factors and availability of the necessary microbes.

Indeed, this superpower would make it extremely easy to clean up the world, but reality stands in the way. However, bioremediation is still an emerging field with a lot of possibilities, and because microbes that are genetically engineered in labs can have even more toxin-degradation capabilities, there is much potential that is yet to be realized.

For this reason, I would like to contribute by learning more and conducting research in the field of microbes and their relation to toxin breakdown in a way that can further our ability to preserve our planet. God's manifestation as Lord Shiva with biological superpower to consume poison is my inspiration to have unlimited toxin elimination superpowers to save the planet!

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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