Italian Stereotypes and Film Crew in The Conformist by Bertolucci

Every country around the world experienced various unique histories. Italy is not an exception in that statement. The Italian people have seen many changes before and after the world wars. Many governmental changes occurred in the political system of the country, causing a level of desperation to evolve. Furthermore, artistic and cultural attitudes of the talians, began to appear in different forms tertainment and learning. Characteristics took place in the technical production such as feelings, social status, and future e of cinema.

Thereafter, particular stereotypes began to be associated with the Italian movies. Finally, a very interesting and beautiful film called The Conformist, demonstrates not only the stereotypes of the era but also the professionalism of the crew and the amazing features of the movie. The film expresses great plot and character development. The entire storyline is extremely informative and well organized for the viewer's pleasure. Furthermore, devices such as flashback are constantly used to assist with the informational flow. For instance, in the begging of the movie the series of flashbacks reveal a huge portion of the detail about the main character.

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Thus, enhancing the whole viewing process with simple but critical additions . Moreover, the details learned in the e cinema, encourages the viewer to keep watching, by setting a background frame. Even though the plot and the characters are greatly made, the features expressed by the film, to accommodate the time period is fabulous as well. Post fascist era left some very critical changes in the cinema production techniques.

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Cinematographers and directors began to incorporate their own feelings and emotions into the icture. Characteristics like the adoption of shadows, sad ending, and a very cold atmosphere xample, often the characters had strong shadows over their took over the previous film. For e faces and other times people appeared in the same place but with different lighting on them. Thereafter, this shows the mood and feelings of the people in the film. Furthermore, lighting expresses the level of happiness or sadness the character is experiencing at the moment. Depicting emotions and level of mood is very realistic and valuable for a viewer to monitor. Features are a critical part of the viewing process but the camera techniques are essential as well. antation of certain techniques The movie is nothing without proper edi as the constant zooming and special effects.

The Conformist poc of the lens, filming outside the stufio, and great camera movement. Furhtermore, features of the film include the beautiful color spectrum, realistic environmental activity, and an amazing realism. Therefore, all the wonderful additions to the movie, really improve the interest scale of the film . In the end of the movie, a great emotional feeling is left. The end really was a good one besides the fact that the character died. However, overall the film proved to be a great artistic and cultural addition to the society, it clearly shows people's thoughts at the time and portrays the level of confidence in the Italian houses. Features, feelings, and technical work make The Conformist to be one of the best movies the class has seen so far.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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