The Reasons Why I Apply for Scholarship

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My name is Ker Ze Heng. When I was 14, the inspiration from my idol, Tan Ze Song who was my senior spurred me towards my zealous attitudes and behaviors in my pursuit and studies. His intelligence and diligence enabled him to score excellent results in the examinations and he always received accolades from teachers and other students at school. After our first encountering, I knew that he would be my lifetime teacher and icon. In this era of rapid technological progress, innovation, and creativity, the global economic landscape has changed rapidly.

Life today is life with higher household expenses, the life of highly competitive and life with the rapid pace of changes. The hustle-bustle city life has left most of us gasping for our breath. The development of advanced science and technology has led to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the terrestrial sphere. Currently, scholarship has become the target among the graduated students in order to further their studies in tertiary.

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It is said to be a normal phenomenon in society.

Is scholarship important for the students? Yes! It is the only response to the question. I will outline the reasons why it is crucial to me, as it reduces my parents’ financial burden and has my dream come true. I would also like to point out the importance of scholarship as a challenge to obtain it but at the same time serves as a motivation to a less affluent student like me to pursue my studies.

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First and foremost, with the scholarship received, my parents who have been slogging hard for me would be able to ease their burden. Tuition fees in private education institutions for the pre-university course and even degree courses are quite expensive. As I came from a poor family, my parents barely afford the high tuition fees in the private university. Besides, my parents also need to support my other younger siblings. Thus, tuition fees have undeniably been one of the biggest obstacles for me in my higher learning after graduating from Secondary school. The presence of a scholarship will help me a lot to reduce the tuition fee that I should pay. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that scholarship is indeed much needed in my studies.

On the other hand, it is an indomitable fact that scholarship enables me to make my dream come true. Since I was young, my ambition is to be a pharmacist. A pharmacist is a person who has expertise in medicines and prescribes medicines to the sick. In this era of globalization, according to the statistics in 2011, the pharmacist is 1; 3400 to the proportion of the Malaysian. The Ministry of Health of Malaysia plans to reduce the ratio to 1:2000. Thus, this scenario shows that there are job opportunities in pharmacy in Malaysia. I am interested in medicine. I know a variety of medicines and I have done some experiments on chemical substances and medicines. A medicine helps patients recover from their illness. Thus, a pharmacist is also considered a social contributor. Thus, I plan to continue my education at Rutgers University, majoring in Pharmacy.

After I succeed to be a pharmacist, I will be able to support my family and spread my profound love to the needy. Unimpeachably, a scholarship is a way to make my dreams come true. On top of that, it is paramount that scholarship is of utmost importance for me during my pre-university studies. When I am granted the scholarship, I must study hard to maintain my excellent results of CGPA above 3.5 each semester in order to assure a continual scholarship. I am determined and confident that I can do it and my remarkable results are the testimony of my hardwork. Hence, scholarship apparently provides me with a brighter future path. Last but not least, scholarship is absolutely the motivation for the students including me. I am sure that scholarship motivates me to be excelling well in examinations, social communications, and assignments.

Simultaneously, Scholarship is a form of encouragement for students to perform themselves and finally instill good qualities such as good time management, being responsible, and hard-working. Having vented so far, it is substantiated that I achieved an excellent result in my SPM examination 2013 which is 7A+ and 3A. I reached a high goal as I aimed before. Thus, I perceive that I am qualified to get the scholarship that I apply for. At the same time, I performed well in the extra-curriculum activities. One of the awards that made me feel proud of myself was the Malaysian National Chemistry Quiz 2013. I achieved distinction in the quiz. Herewith, it proves that I possess an endowment in Chemistry and I can do it as well. Needless to say, a scholarship brings a multiplicity of benefits to its applicants. To wrap it up, I implicitly reaffirm that scholarship is mostly a good thing for the pillars of our country. Therefore, four remarkable benefits of scholarship are sufficient enough to support the reasons why I apply for a scholarship. Thank you.

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The Reasons Why I Apply for Scholarship

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