The Problem of Love Without Labels

John Keats “Bright Star” adaptation film is a movie that I have just recently watched with my English class. It’s a very well made movie that created a perspective of Fanny Brawne and John Keats love affair. Only using letters, poems, and any sources to create their plot and fill in missing gaps which is pretty impressive to me. To think that Jane Campion, director/writer of “Bright Star” can make a movie such as this with written documents is a feat all by itself.

The film had an amazing cast that created scenes that moved audiences with their portrayals of their characters. Ben Whinshaw and Abbie Cornish give a wonderful representation of Keats and Brawne's love. With performing heartwarming to heartbreaking scenes that captures emotions that feel as if they were in a realistic relationship.

To Paul Schneider portrayal of Charles Armitage Brown, a wicked man that insulted Cornish’s character in the movie. As an audience member you could feel a sort of resentment towards him throughout it.

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Without feeling any empathy towards him but towards his victims. The cast for this film is perfect in a way because this is how I would imagine they would look, feel, and be like. The perspective shown in this movie, as previously mentioned, is amazing. Fanny tries to be with/near John and shows interest in poetry to further flirt with him. They soon start to love one another and want to have a meaningful relationship, however, John feels as if he is not enough because he has no money to his name.

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Which makes me as a viewer a little sad because love should be unrestricted without boundaries.

Later in the movie they are in a relationship but it has its ups and downs. With the fact that John believes he is not enough to him getting frostbite and becoming sick. These twists and turns make observers on the edge of their seats because it emits a feeling that this connection won’t last long and when will end in tragedy; which was John Keats death. Finally, I like how this film is based on a true story out of documents and it has a plot that keeps me intrigued. I love how the characters love is kind of complicated to the point that I can understand. It has its ups and downs but when everything seems to be going well a tragedy strikes. Always delaying would could of been, just treading us along on a journey that you have suspicions that it won’t last long.

Creating a relationship that would be like without technology and modern day services because back then they would adore just each other. Overall, this a real good romantic movie that is full of a mix of happiness, sadness and tragedy. If you are looking for a film to watch with a friend/lover this would be a movie for you guys. It targets audiences that love poetry or simply love stuck lovers. I would highly recommend it to anybody that is just interested in this movie as well.

Updated: Jan 08, 2022
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