The Positive And Negative Effects Of Using Social Media

This essay is about the positives and negatives effects of using social media, in this essay I will discuss how social media affects mental health, relationships with friends and family, education, and socialization.

Social media has a negative effect on mental health; it can cause depression, anxiety, ADHD, paranoia, and loneliness. Social media can also affect physical health and self-esteem.

Those using social media on a regular basis are more likely to feel lonely or isolated, this is because it is easier to text a relative or friend meaning they will not go out and see other people, although they are still talking someone it doesn’t stop them from feeling any less lonely.

Social media can also have an influence on self-esteem, especially in teenage girls, this is because people following a celebrity can aspire to be more like them, this means a lot of people try to physically change their appearance this can include people getting plastic surgery or having an eating disorder, one of these eating disorders is anorexia.

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People with anorexia are 5 times more likely to die a year compared to other people, plastic surgery can cause nerve damage, has a low risk of death, can cause scarring, and other risks, though some of these are very rare, there is still a risk. Low self-esteem can also make people feel depressed or self-conscious about their body and face, low self-esteem can also come from people being bullied online for how they look, and this can also make people feel depressed or anxious.

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Extensive use of social media can cause depression and anxiety, this can be linked to feeling lonely and or feeling self-conscience, this can also stem from cyber bullying, cyber bullying can be a big problem, this can be from comments on a post, or people posting mean things about others on their social media, this can also turn into bullying in real life. There are 4,400 deaths per year, from; cyber bullying can also make people, especially teenagers, self-harm.

Social media can also cause people to sleep less as they are staying up to talk to friends all night, this can be a problem as this can mess up a sleeping pattern, this means that the person can stay up late but they will be tired the next day, this means that students can fall asleep in class and then their grades go down meaning they can fail in some classes.

There are some positives from using social media too, social media can help educate young people, there are a lot of websites that help with education, one of these is youtube, there are many channels dedicated to helping people with education, if a student is struggling they can go online and find a video about what they are struggling with. There are online tutors who can help students who are struggling in certain subjects, no matter what country they are in. Social media can also help people find jobs; there are lots of websites to help people with this such as: Indeed, Glassdoor, total jobs and many others.There are a few social media sites that try to help people with their depression or help talk people out of suicide, they also help people with their anxiety this helps reduce suicide rates.

Social media can also help with skills in the real world, people can learn a large variety of skills from social media sites, this also helps with creativity and helps people to think outside the box, this can help people with their problem solving and can also help them open more choices in life, this can help them get a job in almost anything if they learn the skill and use it in school.

Social media is useful as it can send updates to you about what is happening in the world at the moment, it can also help students get correct and non-biased information for essays and homework tasks. Social media can also help gather money for charities as there are many social media sites dedicated to collecting money for charities, these can help feed the homeless and get them off the street, there are also charities that raise money for curing cancer, these charities are very helpful so having social media sites to also help gather money is a very big help for them.

Updated: Feb 18, 2024
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