The Political Importance of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by John F. Kennedy

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Over the years, federal and state regulations have risen for an employer-employee relationship based upon the employee rights under oath. The determination of employee rights is to provide security against hazardous or biased working circumstances and to deliver reimbursements from earnings due to family and/or personal emergencies. Altogether, federal and state regulations have been created to defend employees' rights.

Equal Pay Act

The Equal Pay Act of 1963, signed by John F. Kennedy, amended the United States Fair Labor Standards Acts, which eliminated the wage inequality based upon gender.

This regulation decreased income, and living conditions for employees due to the health and competence. Meaning, this assisted with the deterrence of the largest operation of the supply for labor resources.

In 1942, Congresswoman W. C. Stanley (from Buffalo, New York), introduced Discrimination in Pay on Account of Gender, which became rejected. The subject deteriorated until 1963. The Equal Pay Act stipulates citizens performing the same occupation should be compensated by the identical income.

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Commonly, inconsistences upon wages are displayed due to rank, talents, duties and/ or performance.

The purpose of Equal Pay Act is to provide a balance from wages to women. For instance, the women were paid less than the men; the amendment provides the organizations with regulations for decreasing rate of wages for the employees. The Equal Pay Act was prohibited from judgement based on the sex by paging wages to employees.

Occupational Safety and Health Act

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1971, signed by Richard Nixon, stands as the initial national law, which administers the physical condition and protection within the workplace.

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This regulation guaranteed employers delivers employees with non-hazardous subjects within the organizations' facility. Meaning, this demanded employees cannot be revealed to lethal elements, excessive sound levels, mechanical dangers, heat or cold stress, or unsanitary conditions.

Before OSHA, the effort provided by the federal government to illustrate the health and safety workplace were at the minimal amount. In 1893, Congress passed the Safety Appliance Act, this regulation legislated to require security with the equipment within the organization. During the time, the amount of manufacture reassured the practice of equipment, whereas the legislative command acted upon the unknown to project the security for workforces' safety. However, engineering manufacture increased progressively within the United States during the World War II.

The OSHA Act is a regulation designed to guarantee secure and vigorous working conditions for the citizens of the United States. Specifically trained observers from OSHA considers personnel's complaints based upon the hazardous working environment. If there is an organizations that is found to be in violation of the federal standards, consequences will take place. There are many organizations which fell that issuing OSHA insubordination does not have a solution to foundation of the problem.

During your employment, employees are granted responsibility for work presentation. For instance, the General Manager of a restaurant entrusts specific duties throughout workplace. The GM should evade from weakening the influence of the managers, because their capability can intercept with accomplishing these responsibilities. However, the managers should still want to illustrate their own obligations to reducing the safety and health hazards for protecting the workers[OSH16].

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act of 2010, signed by Barack Obama, represents the U.S healthcare system through Medicare and Medicaid of 1965. The regulation expects the corporation per 50+ personnel to make health insurance accessible or disburse a charge, and provide the employees the privilege to purchase health insurance from any provider if the organization's health insurance is high-price.

The Affordable Care Act involves a blend of factors to dominate healthcare expenses, and construct a development of coverage throughout the public and private insurance. In 1993, President Bill Clinton anticipated the healthcare reform bill, which concluded an order for corporations to stipulate health insurance to each employee through a fair for the health maintenance organizations. During this time, Republican senators suggested the substitute, which inquired the individuals to purchase the insurance, not the corporation.

The purpose for Affordable Care Act is the insurance exchange method which constructed a fair for private insurance which adopts market failures, including high number of uninsured, medical bankruptcies, coverage limits, unaffordability, and inflation. There have been several of methods developed to assist with expenses. The legislatives are able to function upon the individual mandate, meaning the establishment of purchasing the insurance or paying a fine. The abstinence of Mandate has the possibility to cause exchanges by performing similarity to the current private insurance marketing,

Updated: Mar 23, 2023
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