The On Synthetic Fibres

Construction of the cigarette: The inner filter is located directly next to the tobacco and is designed for removal of tar and microparticles. It features at least one radial partition. The tip contains paper or board and is formed in one piece with the inner filter and possibly with an additional filter. The inner filter can contain a rolled nonwoven made of hemp, cellulose, linen, silk, cocoa fibres, synthetic fibres or combinations of the above. However, it is one of the important patents which helps the human being when you are using cigarettes as a medicine.

If you are consuming a cigarette as a medicinal therapy. it is not possible to buy a cigarette with the desired content. The to live in tobacco shops and kiosks filter device allows the smoker, his preferred mixture smoking among health improved conditions.

The smoker can thereby reduce the inhalation of dangerous to health microparticles strong, without having to do without the desired enjoyment or the desired therapeutic effect.

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Number ‘5’ is a inner filter and Number 12 is additional filter. 12 is not shown in the patented document. Inner filter contains 5 gerollltes (word found during reviewing the patent) nonwoven fabric made of hemp, cellulose, linen, silk, coconut fibers, synthetic materials or combinations With the help of the filter 5 the pollutant supply such as tar, etc. microparticles to the lung is reduced. It has been shown that just such pollutants are much more dangerous than nicotine or other intoxicant substances. second filter or additional filer / indicator 12 has provided both for filtering the smoke material as well as an indicator of the amount of harmful microparticles.

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When smoke operation, the additional filter / indicator 12 turns brown black in the middle, with this discoloration attenuates toward the edge. When smoked, the smoker can always check the color change and then quit smoking, if that color is too strong or too much. The smoker is then reminded that smoking now associated with increasing inhalation of pollutants. A strong staining indicates that the filtering effect on losing weight. The color of the filter is thus an indicator for the smoker to quit the respective cigarette. The use of this filter as an indicator can be supported by the fact that the filter device is added to a kind of color table, which indicates when it is time to stop smoking of a particular cigarette.

These indicator effect may also be supported by chemicals, which serve as an amplifier for the change in color, however, must be safe for smokers, because they can get into the smoker’s mouth. Claim: Inner filter rolled nonwoven fabric made of hemp, cellulose, cotton, linen, silk, coconut fibers, synthetic materials, or combinations comprising the same. Inner filter is provided on the circumference with a self-adhesive or be humidified adhesive tape for attachment to the cigarette paper. cigarette paper  rolled with integrated filter device conical or circular cylindrical and is adhered and adapted to receive the smoke material. The filter device enables a smoker to smoke their preferred blend with a reduced health risk.

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