The Misconception of Natural Being Safer than Synthetic

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Why do we think natural is safer than synthetic? often we heard the word natural and automatically think it’s safe, simply because it’s natural doesn’t mean its safer or healthier in some cases. A lot of times we fear that because it’s manmade it has a lesser chance of being safe and good. for example, we fear synthetic radiation but love .some people refused pharmaceutical medication but choose essential oils or herbals remedies.

We are surrounded by both natural and manmade radiation. many people are against synthetic radiation and would rather natural. manmade radiation has some great benefits such as x-ray machines, television, smoke detectors, and nuclear medicine.x-ray machines are well known all over the world and it helps determine whether you have any disease and can scan for any sign of cancer. A lot of people are against getting any type of safety scans done because of the radiation although it’s for a good cause.

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in some cases natural radiation can cause the disease instead of curing it. many people love to the beach and tan for hours not realizing that although the natural sunlight can be good for you however too much sunlight can cause skin cancer, severe sunburn, and skin aging. Ultraviolet radiation can also damage your living tissues. natural radiation can help to a certain comparison synthetic is able to treat so several diseases .sometimes what we fear is the solution to our problems.

A natural risk many people disagree with the usage of any kind of pharmaceutical medication.

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And choose herbals remedies or essential oils.growingup in a Haitian household homemade herbal remedies or essential oils.for my family ginger tea was and still is our answer for a lot of things.due to the fact that high blood pressure is very effective in my family ,my mom use to give me and my siblings ginger tea at least three times a week because it lowers blood pressure and ease arthritis and muscle aches.mean while she never knew the side effects of it, and a lot of people don’t know the side effects of herbal remedies. According to ginger tea can cause heartburn, lightheadedness, slight dizziness and even upset your stomach .herbal remedies or essential oils can cure minor sickness but some disease requires more than that, and pharmaceutical medicine is here to help when other suggestions don’t work.

Radiation is a form of energy that is transmitted through air.radiation can occur natural or manmade.there are two types of radiation; ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. ionizing radiation have electromagnetic waves, ultraviolet light,and x-ray.non-ionizing radiation has less energy, radio waves, microwaves, and cell phones. ultraviolet radiation can also be manmade, the UV radiation comes from the sun and the manmade version is tanning beds. With Man-made radiation, you can control the amount of radiation that is being exposed to the skin, on the other hand, you can protect your skin using sunscreen and proper atttire however proper attire such as covering arms and legs and face won’t be helpful at the beach.

Therefore, we can’t fear synthetic radiation simply because it’s not natural. we accept natural risks because they seem easier and sometimes harmless although it can be more harmful than manmade. Many people fear synthetic radiation because they don’t think its safe for their bodies but xray machine which is manmade actually help save lives .a lot of people who choose to live an organic life trust herbal remedies instead of medicine although medicine have a greater chance of curing disease, and other types of sickness compare to herbal remedies which sometimes increase some health issues. overall not everything natural is considered safe, we often take higher natural risks than unnatural.

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