The Misconception of Social Media

Over 70% of Americans alone have at least one social media platform, but the real question is, is this beneficial or a setback for humanity? The debate of whether social media is a positive or negative asset for the generation of the modern world. We live in a world where people mainly focus on the cons of what the bigger picture was meant to be. The pros and cons depend on the way you view the takes of social media. For instance, the more efficient way for all people no matter their race or ethnicity can communicate with one another helps provide great ways to improve mental health, and a wonderful way to help people cheaply advertise their businesses.

How can you not enjoy something that makes your life easier and potentially better?

To begin with, the world currently, has gotten a lot easier connecting with loved ones from other places or even countries in the world. Without the use of social media people would have to pay just to video call, voice call, or text each other.

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This is very effective for me because usually, I would have to go all the way to the store and purchase a calling card, then actually read the instructions to figure out how to successfully call someone who doesn’t live in the same country as me. This repeated routine was a very aggravating experience just to call a dear relative. Thankfully with an app, I can communicate with people from outside the country with only three clicks away.

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Connecting with others has never been any easier in today’s society.

With the result that in many ways the usage of a social network is helping with mental health, the article 7 Ways That Social Media Is Affecting Us Positively states, «It not only helps to relieve social isolation but also open new communication pathways and offers much-needed support.» These apps also help people convey thoughts or opinions and develop a habit like self-expression without the thought of fear by speaking out on what they believe in. Many apps like those similar to youtube have to go to videos on tips and tricks on the advice on how to help with depression and anxiety. For example, the Youtube famous star LaurDIY has provided the public with a few videos on how she overcame anxiety and gave tips on what helped along the way that she shares her videos. It turns out to find out it helped lots of people while watching her video.

All in all with everyday modern technologies advancing it has developed to be cheaper and easier to advertise or provide advertising. Like most people you may know getting your brand into the world for others to enjoy has become more efficient through the fast speeds of technology development. Social networking is not only cheaper than most alternatives but it's also free to establish an account to explore as well as showcase your ideas. Studies have shown that 59% of people advertise on social networks in 2017 alone identified with Paige Cooper. Giving the opportunity of a certain material being convenient to humans more or so would be resourceful.

In conclusion, the inspirational, stress-relieving usage of social media and technology has impacted humanity in great ways. It may be true that people may suffer from low self-esteem due to social media however the usage of negative people or opinions may cause low low self-esteem but not necessarily the whole app itself. Social media has changed our lives as people for the better. Also, a social communication app provides commodious ways to learn about almost anything you would want to from t the leisure of your fingertips. Can the sense of negativity be changed by the downsides of social media and technology?

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