The need to clean the environment



There is a dire need to clean up the environment. As a country, we do not yet have an actionable plan to doing away with the waste, especially the inorganic waste. After heaping them, the process of waste disposal often ends there.

Considering that plastic can be used to manufacture building lego bricks, this presents an opportunity for us. Alongside solving the problem of eliminating waste, the project will produce bricks that will be sold. The end product will be consumed by, but not limited to Low-income earners, NGO’s, schools and the internally displaced population.

The sui generis part of the business is that it focuses on building blocks purposely the walls. Secondly, the business aims at giving back to society by cleaning our environment and providing decent housing for the less fortunate.

Problem Summary

What shapes this project is the need to clean the environment. And along the way, generate income and create some employment opportunities.

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What makes us think of cleaning up the environment is the sad reality that there have not been any fulfilling waste disposal management options other than segregating and heaping and sometimes incineration. Both of which are not sustainable.

This has led to a host of problems, inter alia, rising sea levels and interruption of marine life, blockage of drainage systems, acid rains, ozone destruction, and whatnot.

Over 25% of the diseases we are battling with can be eliminated by ensuring a clean environment. And we want to provide an actionable solution.

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Solution Summary

The project will see the environment free from plastic and generate building bricks out of it.

In a nutshell, the project will solve two issues:

  • Clean up the environment
  • Create employment opportunities
  • And then, it will generate income.

Here are the highlights of the solution we desire to bring and their justification.

Reduce carbon emissions. Excess carbon emission leads to ozone destruction, rising surface temperature, acid rain and melting polar ice.

Preserve the marine life. Fish can feed on microplastics in water. If we allow plastics to get into the marine ecosystem, we compromise marine life. In fact, plastics also reduce light penetration in water, resulting in the death of corals

Preserve the tourism sector: Plastic pollution has a negative impact on tourism. In every sense, tourists prefer cleaner cities.

Protect the drainage systems: Plastics block drainage systems in cities. If we can do away with plastic, we save a lot on the much we would use for cleaning up the blocked systems.

Other public health concerns: Polyethene bags provide breeding grounds for mosquitos and other parasites. And the underlying aspect is the elimination of diseases; up to 25% of them.


Target Market and Segments

  • Low-income earners,
  • NGO’s,
  • Schools,
  • Internally Displaced


The present competition is from conventional clay bricks, metal roofing sheets, canvas tents, etc all of which cannot match the lego brick utility in terms of durability, quality, and benefits.

Whereas it is true that our product will face some competition from these current building blocks and bricks in the market, our products have good potential considering two things:

One, the cost of our products and the entire cost of construction that will be cut by up to half. Most people will be happy to come up with the same structure with less expenditure. For instance, our product will not need mortar to build a structure, rather, it will be designed to fit with each other and build a strong structure.

Secondly, our product will be aesthetically appealing as compared with the current building products in the market.

Why Us?

This is a proposal by two individuals with a background in Public Health.

We have all the facts on the process of waste segregation. And alongside that, we have equipped ourselves fully in the entire production process. We have done extensive research and we are confident of the project feasibility. This thing has a future.



Successful implementation of the project will lead to:

A clean environment free from plastic:

According to WHO, over 25% of the burden of diseases is due to a dirty environment. Thus, if we can clean the environments we ensure healthier communities free from largely preventable effects of poor sanitation.

Affordable Housing

Our project contributes to the second aspect, Affordable Housing, of the president’s big 4 agenda. The product that our project is aiming to produce is plastic bricks used for building. Considering the cost of production, the building bricks will be cheap as compared with the market product and still offer the taste and quality that is better than the common building bricks in the market.

Employment opportunities

Unemployment is rampant among young people in Kenyan. As the project will be growing, more employment opportunities will come along the way. People will be employed in the various departments such as waste aggregation, waste transportation, manufacturing process, and marketing among others. This is a new business in town with great potential. It will enjoy a monopoly and thus will grow and employ more youth.

Our Advantages

We are introducing something unique into the market, a cheaper alternative that will offer the same or even better services for building. These are some of the aspects that give us a competitive edge.

Plastic lego bricks provide very good heat insulation. No heating or cooling is needed.

It’s very light compared to others.

Building using this material doesn’t need any form of expertise thus cutting labor cost.

Houses built with lego bricks are stronger and can withstand adverse forms of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.

With the addition of fire retardant materials into the plastic, the bricks can suppress combustion in times of fire outbreaks

They are cheaper since they reduce the cost of construction by almost 30%

Lego bricks are impermeable to water thus not affected by moss and dampness


Marketing Plan

Two main strategies will be employed for marketing:

  • Business to Business Marketing (B2B).
  • Business to Consumer Marketing (B2C).

For B2B marketing, we will focus on creating relationships with other businesses who are focused on building makeshift or permanent houses. We will even seek to collaborate with other businesses focused on plastics to diversify our market.

For B2C marketing we will apply the following.

Word of mouth – Organizing conventions with people to explain and showcase the benefits of our product.

Use of paid advertisement.

Cause marketing – By volunteering to build social amenities like classroom, toilets, offices with the aim of creating awareness and acceptability.

Sales PlanSales strategy

This is our sales strategy that we have in mind:

  • Overachieve our sales quota.
  • Sending no less than 50 letters of introduction to new prospects each week.
  • Creating no less than 10 proposals for partnerships weekly.
  • Making no less than 5 presentations weekly.
  • Making no less than 20 face to face contacts with new prospects weekly
  • Increase awareness in the marketplace for our products, services, and solutions.

Attending trade shows

On a regular basis contribute on social media platforms as well as community gathering to address the interests and concerns of the target customer groups.

Joining and participating in professional associations and organizations that our best prospects and customers belong to.

Obtaining referrals from all our new customers


Locations and Facilities

The company will be located in Nairobi in an area which provides easy access to raw materials with little cost of transportation. An open warehouse will do the magic. Offices will be located within the operational precinct.

Equipment and Tools

  • A crushing machine to break the plastics into small flakes.
  • Molds to put into shape the extruded plastics. Several of them will be there.
  • Extruder machine to melt the plastics flakes.
  • Manpower will be needed in the sorting of the plastics and operation of the machines.

Key Metrics

These are the metrics that will help us access, evaluate and diagnose how the business is doing:

  • Amount of plastics being recycled
  • Number of families benefitting from our product
  • Number of referrals we are getting from our customers
  • The amount of production volume to satisfy demand.

Levels of production costs

Level of defect density of our product.


Financing Need

We understand that money is needed in every step of implementation of the project. However, we are lacking finances and we are appealing for funding.

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