The Mouse Who Ate The Cheese English Literature Essay

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Bill Alexander sat slumped in the chair looking at nil in peculiar and thought of nil in peculiar. To be honest, he was bored ; more world-weary than he could retrieve holding been in a long clip.

He was n't supposed to be bored. It was a party and parties are topographic points for holding merriment. Yet he was n't holding merriment. He did n't truly cognize why, but that 's the manner it was that dark.

As he sat at that place wishing he had a good alibi to go forth, he saw a little piece of cheese autumn to the floor.

No 1 else seemed to detect. Surely the partygoer who had dropped it had n't noticed.

Then he saw a little mouse creep shyly from under a nearby closet and, after several nervous, arrhythmic glimpses, scamper over to the cheese and get down devouring it. Bill blinked quickly and agitate his caput to do certain he was n't woolgathering. When he looked once more the mouse was still there devouring the cheese.

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Bill sat up ready to name attending to the mouse eating the cheese, but he was excessively late. It had merely been a bantam spot of cheese, and, by the clip he was ready to talk, the mouse had finished and scurried back under the closet.

Yet, there was no uncertainty about it. Bill knew that the mouse had eaten the cheese. He had seen it with his ain eyes, and he was n't woolgathering or rummy or hallucinating.

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He was n't rather right, though, when he thought that no 1 else had noticed the cheese autumn. Alice Webster, who was sitting with a little group nearby, saw it autumn and looked up to see who had dropped it. What she saw was a fine-looking immature adult male with a face that she could n't put and yet was familiar.

She sat there for a twosome of proceedingss, merely half cognizant of the treatment taking topographic point in her group, seeking to calculate out who he was. When she looked down to the floor once more, the piece of cheese was gone without a hint.

`` That 's unusual, '' she thought. `` I 'm certain I saw a piece of cheese there a few proceedingss ago. I 'm every bit certain no 1 could hold picked it up or I would hold seen them. For certain the cat who dropped itaˆ¦ - I 've got it! That 's John something-or-other who works at the garage. Did n't acknowledge him without his greasy custodies and overalls. Wonder how he got to this party? -aˆ¦Anyhow, back to the cheese, he certainly did n't pick it up and no 1 else came nigh. Wonder what happened to it? Must have been a mouse that sneaked out from under that closet. It 's the lone logical account. That must be it. ''

Satisfied, she turned to her friends and tuned in once more to their treatment. She was much excessively healthy to believe that she knew that a mouse had eaten the cheese. However, she surely believed that was what happened and, holding thought it through, felt satisfied with that belief.

Shortly afterwards, three friends, detecting Bill sitting by himself, drifted over to fall in him. As they settled down he said to them:

`` Do you cognize what I merely saw? I saw a bantam mouse sneak out from under that closet and eat a piece of cheese off the floor. ''

Virginia Turner, a quick-witted miss with curves in all the right topographic points, said, `` You 're pull the leg ofing! ''

`` No '' Bill said. `` I 'm serious. I was merely sitting here when this mouse snuck out from under that closet over at that place and gobbled a spot of cheese right in forepart of my eyes. Believe me. It 's a fact. ''

`` What a brash small thing! '' said Virginia, readily accepting it as a fact that the mouse had eaten the cheese. Bill evidently was n't jesting, his narrative was plausible plenty and she knew him good plenty to accept his grounds as dependable.

`` Or, a really hungry 1! '' said Adrian Small, an old friend of Bill 's. So far as Adrian was concerned, if Bill said he saw a mouse eat a piece of cheese, so there was no uncertainty. A mouse had eaten a piece of cheese.

By now three people, Bill, Virginia and Adrian knew that the mouse had eaten the cheese. Alice still believed it but she did non cognize it.

The 3rd member of the group that had joined Bill was George Smith, the proprietor of the level. He could n't believe his ears.

`` What a burden of rubbish! '' he burst out. `` There are no mice in this level. It 's impossible. I know. I live here. ''

`` But I saw it with my ain eyes, '' said Bill.

`` I do n't care what you saw, '' retorted George, - `` or believe you saw. It could n't hold been a mouse. '' He put a batch of force into the `` could n't '' .

No longer bored, Bill sat up directly in his chair, looked directly at George and, stressing his plants with his finger said, `` Do you take me for an imbecile? I know what I saw. '' Talking easy and decidedly to stress each word, he added, `` I saw a mouse eating cheese over at that place on your floor. ''

Becoming more than a small het, George rapidly retorted, `` That 's absurd. I loathe mice so I spent a batch of money devising certain that this level is mouse cogent evidence. To be double certain I have the best house of pest eradicators come in and look into it over on a regular basis. It 's merely impossible for a mouse to be in here.

Sing a major row brewing, Virginia intervened with the suggestion ; `` Possibly one of the invitees brought it in his pocket. ''

`` That 's the most pathetic thought I 've of all time heard. I thought you had more sense, Virginia, than to fall in in the cockamamie game the idiot is playing, '' snapped George.

Standing up and traveling boulder clay he was standing over Bill he said, even more easy and decidedly than Bill had done, knifing his finger at Bill with each word, `` There are no mice in this level. ''

Sing that he was traveling to acquire nowhereaˆ¦and non desiring a battle, Bill settled back into his chair once more. Looking up at George he said, with a little shrug, `` Well, have it your ain manner. I merely know what I saw. ''

`` Well, you saw incorrect, '' snapped George, and stalked off.

So Bill went on cognizing what he had seen, while George ne'er did acquire to cognize that the mouse ate the cheese.

Alice missed all this, holding moved to the other terminal of the room. She went on, believing that a mouse Ate the cheese but ne'er did cognize it.

In the terminal, so, merely three people knew that the mouse ate the cheese - Adrian, Virginia and Bill.

Oh! Of class! The mouse besides knew.

Why was Bill so certain that he knew the mouse ate the cheese? Were his grounds good 1s?

Two other people claimed to cognize that the mouse ate the cheese - Virginia and Adrian. What were their grounds? Were these grounds adequate?

Alice merely claimed to believe that the mouse ate the cheese. Why did she non claim to cognize it?

Did Bill, Virginia and Adrian believe that the mouse ate the cheese? Can we cognize anything without believing it?

George neither knew nor believed that the mouse ate the cheese. Why? Can you believe of anything that might hold convinced him that the mouse ate the cheese?

Under what fortunes would everyone at the party have known that the mouse ate the cheese?

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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