The Most Precious Thing in Life: the Power of Time

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Time is life. Life is time. While we breathe, eat, think... Any moment and any action are a part of all time. It is given to us for free, for life, therefore we are so careless in handling it. Within this essay about precious things in our lives I want to delve into this significant ralation between life and time.

Time is the Most Precious Thing Which We Have as Humans

It gives us life, heals every wound, whether it is physical or psychological, it grows us older, more experienced and wiser.

Every moment we live, we are in a time frame that needs to be appreciated. There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, only now, what matters. Overthinking and wasting the moment we live in now makes us lose our time. We do not realize how it is fading away, leading us to the next level of life events. In the life of everyone, there is a moment at which he/she wants or not; He/she asks about time and his/her place in life.

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Most often, with nostalgic feelings, people look back, wanting to change their destiny. We often make mistakes, and we sometimes regret that we cannot fix them. But this is true - the time is a physical force that no one can fight. As Alyssa Imbach stated her metaphor: “The only constant is time, and that is not always guaranteed.” There is no guarantee on time; It is impossible to delay time or stop it so we could solve a certain problem or task.

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It flows relentlessly. Time will go on with us or without us; It is continually and equal for everyone. Comparing these two metaphors, “Life is a sinusoidal wave” and “The only constant is time” I can say that these two metaphors are both equally somehow contrast each other because life events are always different. Life is a multidimensional, colorful, bright and dark mighty ocean that brings us fascinating experiences. Everyone has own experiences and own series of events. There is not another person who had experienced what “Anne” experienced. There have been no duplications of any fate.

Our planet Earth is populated with 7.7 billion people, and yet there never been the same story of life. Unlike with time. Fortunately, time is equal for everyone. Time is the only permanent thing in our chaotic world. This shows the cyclical nature of life and the vicious circle in which everyone falls after his birth and leaves him only after death. Time ticks for everyone in the same rhythm, at the same speed. To understand it, we should probably look to the sunset or the sunrise and then realize that Einstein, Hippocrates, and my or your great grandfather once looked at this same sun that we are looking at right now. Just thinking of it makes me feel an incredible emotion. How fascinating is that? Generations to generation, it is as like we are passing the baton to the next station or level of life. Centuries are also changing, not to mention people. In this same moment our generation writing a story for our next generation…

Final Thoughts

Importantly, to say that these two metaphors have resemblance because living a life, we and only we choose how to live and how to spend our time. Life and Time are the most precious things that we own. Time cannot turn back or recover from the past. Unfortunately, we deeply realize it when we become older. We can fix most everything but not the consequences of time. With time we lose our youth and our energy level is not the same what it used to be. So, time is Life. And life is a time that we need to live consciously by being in the present. Life is wonderful when we use our time gratefully without regrets.


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Updated: Feb 24, 2024
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