The Modern Filipino Famiy Essay

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The Modern Filipino Famiy

During the time that I come to realize what their role is in the family, is about the same time that I come to realize that the way of life highly differs from the traditional American ways. Their friends do not live as they do with so many people around them; their friends are not prohibited from being with others outside their own race; their cultural beliefs, traditions, superstitions – everything that the Filipino child had grown up with believing, is not the American norm.

It is about this time that the child begins to prepare to leave this way of life behind. Even with changing attitudes, the Filipino culture continues to thrive and the concept that family takes precedence above all else is still ingrained in the culture. Many offspring of native Filipinos eventually leave the nest; but, ultimately they return to their roots.

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I must say my family had lot of attributes which made it easier to learn some of the valuable virtues one needs on a life journey. The things that would have made my family ideal would have been for my farther to show his emotions towards my mother and us. This would have helped me to be in touch with my own emotions more and would have helped my relationship with my loved one. It would have made me a happier and a healthier person.

I hasten to add that my parents tried their best and I know they loved all of us and wanted the very best for us. I feel immense gratitude and appreciation for the parents I had and the family that I have. They made it possible for me to work hard, have a career I love, have the family and friends who love me, have confidence and healthy self-esteem, have the ability to speak my mind, voice my thoughts and convictions, have conviction to tell the truth, have good intuition and I feel connected to higher power or universal consciousness. That’s not bad at all, I remain in gratitude.

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