The Mobile Revolution and Its Negative Effects on Society

The population of wireless communications has exploded. Whether youre driving, walking, or just hanging out in a mall, theres someone on a cellular phone. People purchase cell phones for conveniences. When do these conveniences become too convenient? The cellular revolution has taken over the lives of many and has proven to be fatal in many instances due to a surplus of usage. The problems with the use of cell phones can be corrected if cell phones users are willing to take the initiative to be responsible in using their cell phones.

The use of cellular phones has proven to be a great distraction. There are car accidents occurring everywhere due to the lack of concentration of drivers. According to Drs. Donald A. Redelmeier and Robert J. Tibshirani, driving with the use of a cell phone can be likened to driving with a blood alcohol level of about 0.10 per cent. The chances of getting into a car accident while using a cellular phone is nearly equal to the chances of having an accident while slightly drunk.

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(Kolata, par.1) The distractions caused by talking on the phone are causing more accidents as the amount of cell phones being used increases. The risk (of accidents) gets even greater if the person is discussing something important or especially is in the middle of an argument. (Kolata, par. 2) The solution to cell phones in the cars is that cell phones should only be used in cases of emergencies.

The chance of brain tumors also increases with the usage of cell phones.

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Radiation emitted from cell phones is extremely hazardous to cell phone users well being. Experiments done in a Swedish laboratory have been done to test the affects of radiation emitted from cell phones. The conclusion of the experiment showed that, the radiation from cellular phones might make it easier for poison to penetrate into the brain. The microwave radiation from cell phones can open the safety barrier that is supposed to protect the brain from being invaded by poisonous substances contained in blood. A research team at Lund University has found that the protein albumen leaks through the so-called blood-brain-barrier into the brain of rats that have been exposed to microwaves similar to those irradiated by a mobile phone. Albumen is naturally contained in blood but it can harm the brain. (Microwaves, par. 6)

As for now, there is no cure for cancer, so the more a person uses a cellular phone, the likelihood of obtaining brain cancer increases. Responsibility needs to be stressed more in order for people to have awareness of the dangers of cellular phones.

Initially, people purchase cell phones in case of emergencies. From first hand experience, I know that cell phones begin to have a growing affect on a person. At first, you bring them everywhere with you believing that if you had any type of problem, the cell phone would allow you to find a way out. Cell phones would then become a source of communication between me being on vacation and my job over a thousand miles away. A vacation from the workplace, or so it seemed. As convenient as cell phones seem, there is more to it. Cell phones should be only used in case of emergencies.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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