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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

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The lead character of the story, Ichabod Crane is faced with the scary legend of The Headless Horseman upon meeting with Brom Bones, his rival with Katrina Van Tassel. The audience is also provided with a reasonable school teacher dealing with a famous creativity. This paradox could be determined as one of the major styles of the movie.

The setting of the story, the creepy town of Sleepy Hollow, has actually added to the horror of Ichabod, making it hard for him to remove the possibility that the story of the Headless Horseman holds true.

The story of the Horseman is not comprised by Brom but is a town legend, and he has actually effectively turned the story to his benefit. The very superstitious Ichabod is horrified as his method house from Katrina’s house is the very same path that the Headless Horseman takes.

He finds himself being hunted by the Horseman. As a schoolteacher, it is expected that his coherent thinking would not let him yield to such stories and be frightened by it.

His imagination is boundless and this leads him to believe the story of the Headless Horseman. Eventually, he becomes prey to the terrifying bait prepared by Brom. However, the film is tailored to be parallel to William Irving’s original story which embodies the witty and humorous style of the writer.

This style makes it enjoyable to watch the film and be taken by the thrilling chase of Ichabod by the Headless Horseman which diverted the attention from criticism of the confusion and insensibility of the lead character.

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It is also expected that the audience are taken into the same place that Ichabod traverses and is chased by the Horseman. The place is depicted in a way that would draw people, most especially Ichabod Crane, into a sleepy and imaginary state. Work Cited The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. 1949. Disney.

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