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The incident on the beach

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Essay, Pages 3 (733 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (733 words)

My friends and I went to the beach. The sun was shinning and the sky was the bluest I had ever seen it. I took my shoes off and felt the soft, warm sand go through my toes. The sand felt like a warm winter’s blanket. The beach was full with families and groups of children (since it was the summer holidays). We found a spot on the beach, just started to relax when out of nowhere came a scream.

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The screaming getting louder and louder. The woman screaming was crying “Quick someone come and help, a man has been stabbed in the beach shop because of a burglary gone wrong.”

My friends and I ran over to her and told her to take it easy and calm down. The woman was in a bad state, her mascara running down her face in big black lines. Her face was red and blotchy like as if she hadn’t seen anything like it before.

While I ran to the beach shop, my friends comforted the woman.

The shop was a mess; a window had been put through. Glass was everywhere; it looked as if icicles had fallen from a roof and smashed. The alarm was going off, people were standing outside the shop door glaring and gossipy, nobody doing anything. What was wrong with these people? Why couldn’t they help? They would want help if they had been stabbed.

As I walked in, Bill the shopkeeper was lying on the floor bleeding presently.

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I had never seen that much blood in my life! Had the man with the knife left the shop? If he hadn’t left was he going to stab me next? I started shaking, I had to get out of the shop but I couldn’t leave Bill he is nice to everyone. Luckily there was another man trying to help Bill. He told me to phone the ambulance and try and find some towels.

I phoned the ambulance and the police, and went to try and find some towels in the kitchen. I started to shake more and more as I walked into the kitchen because what if the man with the knife was still here hiding. I opened a draw grabbed some tea towels and got out of there quickly as I could, my was pounding the fastest I have ever known it too. I gave the man the tea towels, looked up and noticed the till was open, so I walked over to it, because there was nothing else I could do to help Bill. The till was empty with knife marks all over it. Probably the knife used to stab Bill. The till looked as if a dog had been biting it at the side and clawing it with its paws.

There were crisp packets all over the floor that had been opened and emptied around the floor, and as people hurried around the room, all that could be heard was the crunching of the crisps.

I walked over to the fridge to get a drink of water for Bill, when all of a sudden I slipped over. I stood up and was covered in all kinds of soft drinks. All the drinks that were in cartoons and bottles looked as if they had been purposely been spilt on the floor. Then I began to think, why would someone purposely empty crisps across the room and open drinks and spill them also. It didn’t look a robbery gone wrong it looked like someone had purposely done it. It could have been revenge or someone could have been blackmailing Bill and Bill refused to give the man anymore money. I thought I was onto something, I could tell the police my theory when the arrived. Why would someone do this? Bill was one of the friendliest people I know. Did this man know something about Bill that Bill didn’t want to get out? I began to wonder.

Finally the ambulance and police turned up, they assured me that Bill was going to be fine. I told the police about my theory, about the blackmail. They told me just to leave it because if Bill was getting blackmailed then there would be some notes or something. I thought policemen where supposed to be nice. I decided to check Bill’s shop out for notes, even if the police had told me not to.

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