My first trip to the beach

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My first trip to the beach

It was a trip I will never forget.
My husband and I were very tired because we were working hard in our shop book. Also I was very sad because my Mother had gone to live in Spain. I beginning to feel very bad, with frequently headaches and sometimes I cried and felt very nervous, one day in the morning I Got up with a really bad headache, and my eyes hurt so much, my husband took me to the casualty department and there the doctor told me that I would be better if I had some rest from work, he advise me to have some vacation. When I told my husband what the doctor had said, He thought it was a very good idea because he also needed some vacations. We prepared our holiday to the beach which took 4 hours by car and then we had to take a boat for 2 hours again.

It was wonderful because I had never being on a beach, and I had never seen the Sea, so we enjoy a lot and there we met a friendly people who were also on holidays. We get a lot of rest, we went to swim every day, and we had time to know about a group of Indians who still lived in a natural way, without cloths, and their houses were natural tents which are called huts. I enjoyed a lot of and got relaxed, because as I get to my town I felt full of energy to work, the headaches disappeared, and my mum called me to say she was fine and very happy.


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