The Importance of Rational Thinking Nursing Profession

While working as an intern in Miami Health Center, I could help remembering my professor’s teachings that cultural differences are very prevalent in United States health care. I am a student from Cuba. As such, my color and complexity speaks volume of my origin. On this particular day, I was attending to a patient suffering from acommon cold. She was of advanced age and the moment she entered the diagnostics room; she refused to have me attend to her citing she felt I was not experienced enough to handle her.

The feeling of dejection was rife in my heart. The patient’s behavior could have been due racism. Given I am from Cuba, most whites people had the perception that one is not competent enough to serve the American people, especially in matters to do with health. However, given the level of globalization and racial diversity in the United Sates, I expected the patient to react in a different manner.

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However, despite the initial embarrassment, I successfully talked the patient down by explaining to her the need to respect one’s expertise in theirown field. I also reminded her of the fact that we attended the same school as whites hence no she approves of. Moreover, I gave her assurance that the services rendered were unmatched, and if not fruitful, she should come free services from her nurse of choice. I would have sought the help of a higher-level manager to help address the patient, to handle better the situation.

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Consequently, the patient would not perceive my opinions as geared towards self-defense. Secondly, instead of lecturing the patient and go ahead to treat her, I should have passed her to another nurse of choice, so she does not abstain from taking her drugs while home. Resultantly, if she came back, she would be ready to receive my services.

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