The Importance of Electricity Essay

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The Importance of Electricity

As long as the electricity is available, no one thinks much about it. The importance is realized when the power goes out. Whether it’s during the day or at night, electricity keeps our lives in order. It affects your business, your schedule and even your entertainment. Electricity runs everything in our everyday life. Gas stations can’t pump gas without it. Businesses have to close because their cash registers won’t work without it. Restaurants can’t cook food without it. Our lives almost come to a standstill without electricity.

These are the times when back up electricity is most needed and becomes very important. It can keep our clocks running, so we aren’t late for work. We can have breakfast before we leave the house. The kids won’t be late for school and all appointments will be kept on time. It’s important to keep on schedule and backup electricity can do just that. Everything in our world today depends on having the power to keep them running. In our house, everything we need and enjoy is plugged into a wall socket and requires electricity.

Therefore, backup electricity has become a necessity and is no longer a luxury. Electricity has been part of our lives. It has brought many things that surely have made many wonders and life would seem so hard without it. Electricity powers our light, heating, electronic appliances such as computers and television, and a host of essential services that we take for granted. However, electricity has much more important aspects because it is a fundamental feature of all matter. Electricity is the force that holds together the molecules and atoms of all substances.

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