The Ethos of The Leading Marines

As we know leading Marines is the most important part of the Marine Corp. There are eleven leadership principles, and fourteen leadership traits a great leader demonstrates. These traits &principles help you suppress the leaders that came before us. Everyone has their own style of leadership though. Great leaders must embrace the ethos; Respect and follow the foundations. Accept the challenges he or she will face ahead. A Marine lives by his or her ethos. It’s what makes us a different breed.

We are bred to better than the rest.

Ethos consists of being a rifleman, carrying on traditions, and does what it takes to get the mission accomplished. Henry Hank Elrod demonstrated prime ethos during the Chosin Reservoir. Elrod lead a platoon in heroic defense for fifteen days. His platoon also demonstrated good ethos for showing the willingness to obey, and determined to follow orders. Also they upheld pride and confidence at all times during the rough times.

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Leading by these ethos isn’t about the rank you wear, but what’s in your heart. Leaders have to set the example by respecting and following the foundations of the Corp.

These foundations are unique. It is putting forth the everyday principles we learned in boot camp, living by a higher standard than everybody else. A good leader is always learning, and uses ethical decision making. Leaders must have respect of their followers, or their words are meaningless. Followship is just as important as the leadership, to have followers as leader a Corporal once said it best,” Strive to create discipline in yourself and your Marines.

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” Marine leaders go through some of the toughest challenges, whether in combat or garrison.

These challenges include: Physical, Mental, and Moral. The biggest type of challenge a leader can face is friction between Marines. Keeping everybody happy is virtually impossible, but as a leader you must try. A physical challenge is keeping combat ready and or not letting body get out of standards. “Guts and pride cannot replace physical fitness. ” Mental challenges as a leader is a huge part in developing to even better leader. Making the right mental decisions can keep your Marines out harm’s way. The moral challenge is the one where a leader has to look within to see the answer.

Keeping up with moral is defined by little moments that reflect a leader’s standards. In all being a Marine Corps’ leader is the most sought after, and respected job. A great leader keeps up with his or her ethos, foundations, and is up to the challenges. In the end it’s all about the relationship and the bond which cannot be broken. Leaders teach from history. Just remember the traits and principles that were set fort; “Marines are not born knowing them, but must learn what they are, and what they represent. ”

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The Ethos of The Leading Marines

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