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The effects of computer game Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (319 words)
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Computer game is an extremely popular plaything nowadays . Nearly all of the young people have played it and some of them even wallow in it . This make the effects of playing computer game become a controversial issue .

Some people believe that computer game bring a lot of harmful effects to the teenagers . Davies (2007,p.11) states that the young people who spend too much time on playing computer game usually neglect more important things such as study and personal relationship .

However , on the other hand , some people think that computer game always benefits the youngster .

According to Francis (2005,p.107) ,”There is some evidence that computer games have the potential to improve young people’s spatial ability.” Wong & Cheung (2006,p.51) also point out that a investigation which focus on the effects of computer game playing on spatial performance summarize that playing computer game can increase the subjects’ spatial ability .

Besides , Wong (2007,p.89) states that the players usually have a chance to use their own imagination when they play computer game .

Wong (2007,p.89) also point out that the games which is educational may improve player’s academic performance . Moreover , Walker (2008,p.110) mention it can be a increase in aggressive behavior when people play computer games.

In my opinion , the benefits of computer game are more than disadvantages . The harmful effect stated by Davies (2007,p.11) could solved if teenagers have a good management on their time . Also , when people choose the games carefully and regard the meaning of different games , they will gain a lot from playing those games.

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Wong,W.S.&Cheung,W.M.(2006).Computer games and the development of spatial skills.Journal of Developmental Psychology,23(1),33-54

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