A New Computer System For Traveline Transit Computer Science Essay

Travel Transit Services is a company that provides coach and cab services to commuters. The company aims to supply safe and flexible transit to clients. In kernel, the company makes uninterrupted attempts to maximise client satisfaction. The high quality of services provided by the company has led to a ample growing in its business.The company 's Customer Relations ( CR ) section serves as affair between TraveLine and its clients. The chief duty of this section is to heighten the image of TraveLine.

For this intent, the company invariably proctors client feedback, so suggests, and implements disciplinary actions. This is the most of import undertaking performed by the CR section because it increases client good will.

Requirements of the New System

To take advantage of the latest engineering and to ease Customer to do on-line enquiries about the engagement, feedback and waiting list position a new system needs to be developed for TraveLine Transite Services. The new system should carry through the undermentioned maps:

The new system should hive away informations about employees in the CR section and operational section

The system should supply a logon screen for the employees.

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The logon screen accepts the employee ID and the valid watchword.

Merely employee 's signifier the CR section should be allowed to log client feedback.

All operational sections should be able to see the pending ailments. The system should guarantee that this option of sing inside informations is available merely to the cardinal individual in an operational section.

The system should let users to come in disciplinary action inside informations and updated the position of the feedback.

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The new system should be capable of bring forthing the pending ailments and client ailments Investigation studies.

In order to develop the package system for Horizon Airways, you need to analyse the bing system and make a design for the pictured system, utilizing the instance survey ; you need to make the solution diagrams and the application in the.NET environment.

The Existing System

Customer feedback is categorized as ailments, suggestions, and citations received from clients. The feedback may be related to any of the transit services. The inside informations about the regular client of TraveLine are maintained in the clients Register. A representative from the CR section logs all feedback specified by the client in a ailments Register.

The operational section that is responsible for managing the ailments, the incident day of the month, the topographic point of incident, the coach halt, feedback description, the enrollment figure of the vehicle, and the employee to whom the feedback will be assigned. The ailment Register besides shops the position of the ailment. When a new ailment is lodged, the position of the ailment is marked as 'New ' . Each ailment, citation, and suggestion has a alone mention figure. The prefix for the mention figure differs in all three instances and is every bit follows




The Solution for the new system

The new system is built with a user friendly interface where as the current interface is really complicated and difficult to understand. The new System given to manage by the counter helpers to add new registries made by clients, to update them and to call off and supply tickets are receipts consequently.

The new system built chiefly refering about the counter helpers for them to happen it really easy to interact with the system. Therefore non much proficient footings are used, it is built utilizing simple English and less appliances. It will merely hold the chief signifiers where the counter helpers will merely hold to add informations and hunt informations in the easiest manner while the cancellation will be done and will be provided with a reception to the client with the refund sum calculated harmonizing to the day of the month of cancellation from the day of the month of reserve.

The interface of the new system will be user friendly as mentioned earlier and the colourss used will be easy to look into while a the spacing in between different options will be equal within the same class and different classs will hold more infinite in between.

This new system is really clip effectual where as the current system takes a long clip to update and give hunt consequences which besides consequences in the letdown in clients. This system will merely take upper limit of 4-5 seconds to give hunt consequences and will besides update the system really rapidly.

Depending on client feedback and counter helper 's feedback the system is to be changed and renewed with the new demands.

Ocular Basic.NET

Ocular Basic.NET ( VB.NET ) is an object-oriented computing machine linguistic communication that can be viewed as an development of Microsoft 's Visual Basic ( VB ) implemented on the Microsoft.NET model. Its debut has been controversial, as important alterations were made that broke backward compatibility with older versions and caused a rift within the developer community.

Versions of Visual Basic.NET

Ocular Basic.NET ( VB 7 )

The original Visual Basic.NET was released aboard Visual C # and ASP.NET in 2002. C # widely touted as Microsoft 's reply to Java received the king of beasts 's portion of media attending, while VB.NET ( sometimes known as VB7 ) was non widely covered. As a consequence, few outside the Ocular Basic community paid much attending to it. [ commendation needed ]

Those who did seek the first version found a powerful but really different linguistic communication under the goon, with disadvantages in some countries, including a runtime that was ten times as big to box as the VB6 runtime and an increased memory footmark.

Ocular Basic.NET 2003 ( VB 7.1 )

Ocular Basic.NET 2003 was released with version 1.1 of the.NET Framework. New characteristics included support for the.NET Compact Framework and a better VB upgrade ace. Improvements were besides made to the public presentation and dependability of the.NET IDE ( peculiarly the background compiler ) and runtime.

In add-on, Visual Basic.NET 2003 was besides available in the Ocular Studio.NET 2003 Academic Edition ( VS03AE ) . VS03AE is distributed to a certain figure of bookmans from each state for free.

Development of VB.NET

Before VB.NET, there was VB and before there was VB, there was BASIC. BASIC stands for Beginner 's General-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It was developed in 1963 by computing machine scientists John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz in Dartmouth College. It was a general intent programming linguistic communication that was intended for novices. In 1975, when the MITS Altair 8800 Microcomputer was released, BASIC became Altair BASIC, developed by the computing machine heavyweights Bill Gates and Paul Allen. During the 1880ss, when the personal computing machine was get downing to acquire into everyone 's places, the BASIC computing machine linguistic communication started to lose its clasp on the market because more and more people and corporations were utilizing computing machine plans for complex undertakings instead than simple and `` basic '' undertakings.

In 1991, BASIC was infused with its Visual constituent and became Visual Basic. The new graphical user interface was pioneered by Alan Cooper. Visual Basic was non an instant hit at first due to compatibility issues but it began acquiring a solid followers in the mid to late 1890ss when developers started going familiar with it. In the new millenary, the Visual Basic.NET became the replacement of the Visual Basic scheduling linguistic communications.

Ocular Basic 2005 ( VB 8.0 )

Ocular Basic 2005 is the name used to mention to the update to Visual Basic.NET, Microsoft holding decided to drop the.NET part of the rubric.

For this release, Microsoft added many characteristics, including:

Edit and Continue

Design-time look rating.

The My pseudo-namespace ( overview, inside informations ) , which provides:

easy entree to certain countries of the.NET Framework that otherwise require important codification to entree

dynamically-generated categories ( notably My.Forms )

Improvements to the VB-to-VB.NET convertor

Ocular Basic 2005 Express

Part of the Ocular Studio merchandise scope, Microsoft created a set of free development environments for hobbyists and novitiates, the Visual Studio 2005 Express series. One edition in the series is Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, which was succeeded by Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition in the 2008 edition of Ocular Studio Express.

The Express Editions are targeted specifically for people larning a linguistic communication. They have a streamlined version of the user interface, and lack more advanced characteristics of the standard versions.

Ocular Basic 2008 ( VB 9.0 )

Ocular Basic 9.0 was released together with the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 on November 19, 2007.

For this release, Microsoft added many characteristics, including:

A true conditional operator, `` If ( boolean, value, value ) '' , to replace the `` IIf '' map.

Anonymous types

Support for LINQ

How make you get down VB.net?


All Programs

Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003

Microsoft Visual Studio

Undertaking 01

Identify assorted practical objects you

Button Control

One of the most popular controls in Visual Basic is the Button Control. They are the controls which we click and release to execute some action. Buttons are used largely for managing events in codification, say, for directing informations entered in the signifier to the database and so on. The default event of the Button category is based on the Button. Base category which is based on the Control category.

a. Appearance

Appearance subdivision of the belongingss window allows us to do alterations to the visual aspect of the button. With the aid of BackColor and Background image belongingss we can put a background colour and a background image to the button. We set the font manner for the text that appears on button with ForeColor and the font belongings.

B. Behavior

Noteworthy Behavior belongingss of the button are the Enabled and Visible belongingss. The Enabled belongings is set to true by default which makes the button enabled and puting its belongings to False makes the button disabled.

c. Layout

Layout belongingss are about the expression of the button. ( Dock belongings ) A control can be docked to one border of its parent container or can be docked to all borders fill the parent container. The default value is set to none.

Textbox Control

This control looks like a box and accepts input from the user. The textbox is based on the TextBoxBase category which is based on the control category. Textboxes are used to accept input from the user or used to expose text.

Rich Textboxes

It 's similar to textboxes but they provide some advanced characteristics over the standard textbox. RichTextBox allows degree Fahrenheit ormatting the text, say adding colourss, exposing peculiar fount types and so on. The RichTextBox, like the textbox is based on the TextBoxBase category which is based on the control category.


Labels are those controls that are used to expose text in other parts of the application. They are based on the control category.


LinkLabel is similar to a Label but they display a hyperlink. Even multiple hyperlinks can be specified in the text of the control and each hyperlink can execute a different undertaking within the application.


CheckBoxes are those controls which gives us an option to choose, state, Yes/No or True/False.


RadioButton are similar to Checkboxes but RadioButtons are displayed as rounded alternatively of boxed as with a checkbox.


The ListBox control displays a list of points from which we can do choice. We can choose one or more than one of the points from the list. The ListBox control is based on the ListControl category which is based on the Control category.


ComboBox is a combination of a TextBox and a ListBox. The ComboBox displays an editing field ( TextBox ) combined with a ListBox leting us to choose from the list or to come in new text. ComboBox displays informations in a bead down manner format.

GroupBox Control

As said above, GroupBoxes are used to Group controls. GroupBoxes display a frame around them and besides let exposing captions to them which is non possible with the Panel control..

PictureBox Control

PictureBoxes are used to expose images on them. The images displayed can be anything changing from Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG or any other image format files. The PictureBox control is based on the Control category.


Menus ( File, Edit, Format etc in all Windowss applications ) are those that allow us to do a choice when we want to execute some action with the application.

Date Time Picker, Month Calendar, Splitter

Date Time Picker

Date Time Picker allows us to choose day of the month and clip. Date Time Picker is based on the control category. When we click on the drop-down pointer on this control it displays a month calendar from which we can do choices.

Noteworthy PropertiesA of Date Time Picker

TheA FormatA belongings in the Appearance subdivision is used to choose the format of the day of the month and clip selected. Default value is long which displays the day of the month in long format. Other values include short, clip and usage

Date TimePicker, Month Calendar, Splitter

Checked List Box

As the name says, Checked List Box is a combination of a List Box and a Check Box. It displays a List Box with a Check Box towards it 's left. The Checked List Box category is derived from theA List BoxA category and is based on that category.


Noteworthy Properties of Checked List Box

The noteworthy belongings in the visual aspect subdivision of the belongingss window is theA Three CheckboxesA belongings which is set to False by default. Puting it to True makes the Checked List Box to be displayed in Flat or Normal manner.

Panel, Group Box, Picture Box

Panels are those controls which contain other controls, A for illustration, A a set of wireless buttons, checkboxes, etc. Panels are similar to Group boxes but the difference, Panels can non expose captions where as Group BoxesA can andA Panels can hold scrollbars where as GroupBoxes ca n't. Panel

Panels are those controls which contain other controls, A for illustration, A a set of wireless buttons, checkboxes, etc. Panels are similar to Group boxes but the difference,


ToolTips are those little Windowss which display some text when the mouse is over a control giving a intimation about what should be done with that control.

Print DialogsA

Supplying support for Printing is one of the common tasksA duringA application development. The.NET Framework provides first-class support for Printing paperss.

Print Document Component

In the.NET Framework, a printed papers is represented by theA Print DocumentA constituent. The Print Document object encapsulates all the information needed to publish a page.A

Tab Control

Tab Control occupies the country within the hashed boundary line. It manages the Tab Page objects through its Tab Pages aggregation belongings.



Exposing informations in tabular format is one of the common demands in Windows-based

applications. No admiration the DataGridView control is popular amongst Windows Forms developers. The DataGridView control has many sweetenings over the earlier DataGrid and it is worthwhile for any Windows developer to get the hang this control. In this article, I am traveling to exemplify some of the characteristics that were losing ( or boring to implement ) in the earlier versions of.NET. Specifically, How to execute informations adhering with Dataset

How to add button and jazz band box columns to the grid

How to formalize informations in the grid

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.techotopia.com/images/d/d7/Vb_datagridview_running.jpg

Undertaking 02

Forms In my plan

Forms are really of import things in a VB.Net plan. In Ocular Basic its these Forms with which we work. They are the base on which we build ; develop all our user interface and they come with a rich set of categories. Forms allow us to work visually with controls and other points from the tool chest. In VB.NET signifiers are based on the.

This is client inside informations subdivision, here client can add the inside informations that means client can accept this company 's regular client.

This is driver 's inside informations ; here client can choose the driver.

This is vehicle inside informations here client can choose the wanted vehicle

This is feedback inside informations ; here client can add client feedback, employee feedback, citation, Suggestion, vehicle description and company feedback.

This is the rent client and rent vehicle inside informations, here client can see the vehicle inside informations and choose the vehicle. But client should add his detailsaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦..that is of import

Undertaking 03

Every object that I have in my plan has its ain belongingss. We can modify the belongingss of any object on the belongingss box. It is usually located in the lower right corner of the screen. I can modify properties like the alliance, manner, and labels. Modify the text that will look on the first label that I created.

This is the name of the object we can name it

utilizing coding

This is the background colour of the object we

can alter it

We can add image to the object background

through it

Using it we can command user redaction or entree

to this object

This is used for alteration the fount manner

This is used for alteration the text colour

Form Properties


The text twine for the rubric saloon.


A twine available for free usage by the coder. Often used for remarks.

Control Box

Check the Control Box to make the X `` close '' box in the upper right corner of the signifier and to enable creative activity of Minimize and Maximize boxes. If checked, will add to the rubric saloon a standard Windows right mouse context bill of fare with Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize and Close ( ALT+F4 ) picks.

Maximize Box

Make a maximize box control in the rubric saloon along with the control box.

Minimize Box

Make a minimize box control in the rubric saloon along with the control box.

Center on Screen

Expose the signifier in the centre of the chief Manifold window.


Mouse Pointer

The type of mouse arrow displayed when over the DateTimePicker. Choose from 16 different types plus a usage arrow


Set to None ( default ) if the DateTimePicker does non accept OLE beads and is to expose the No Drop pointer if an OLE bead is attempted. Set to Manual, the DateTimePicker will trip OLE bead events, leting plans to manage the OLE bead operation in codification.

Custom Format

threading puting forth usage format when Format is set to custom.


True or False. True means the object can react to user-generated events, false prevents it from reacting.


False ( Default ) - Control ever returns a day of the month. True - A checkbox appears. If the user does non look into this box, no day of the month is returned. Handy for signifiers where necessitating a day of the month ( `` Due day of the month? '' ) is an option.


True - Up Down control appears to alter the day of the month alternatively of a bead down calendar. False ( Default ) - Calendar appears. When True, switches manner to go a cloaked edit control A A



Font belongingss that may be alterations.


Choose a fount installed on this system. It 's wise to take standard Windows founts such as MS Sans Serif that are universally available.



Color to be used for the DateTimePicker 's background.

CalendarTitleBack Color

Customize calendar rubric background colour.

A MouseIcon

Custom icon to utilize when the MousePointer belongings is set to 99. Like Visual Basic, will non lade animated pointer ( .ani ) files.

Tab control Properties


The belongingss of the fount, colour, size are similar to all. But the extra option in check control can custom-make checks on the same screen.

The user can add checks by pressing the Add button. And can be deleted as shown in the below image.

Menu Strip

Ocular Basic Add New Menu

Use the Properties panel to alter the name of the Menu Strip object to chief Menu. Click in the Type Here field at the top of the signifier and enter & A ; File. This has the consequence of making a bill of fare point object labeled `` File '' . The ampersand ( & amp ; ) is added to teach Visual Basic to utilize the 'F ' at the beginning of the file as the gas pedal key for this menu point. Once the File bill of fare point has been added, Ocular Studio will make both a bead down bill of fare and a field to add another menu point as follows:

Visual basic New Menu Item

Click on the Type Here field and type & A ; Open File... . When you have entered this text Visual Studio will add another Type Here field beneath the `` Open File '' entry. Click in this field and

Ocular Studio provides the chance to add another point. This clip, nevertheless, we are traveling to add a different type of point to the bill of fare. As you move the mouse arrow over the Type Here field, the field will foreground and a down pointer will look to the right of the Type Here text. Snaping on this pointer drops down a bill of fare of points to add to the bill of fare:

Ocular Basic Menu Item Types

The options available are as follows:

MenuItem - Creates a sub-menu ( besides known as a pull-right bill of fare ) which basically pops up a new bill of fare to the right of the presently displayed bill of fare.

ComboBox - Adds a ComboBox control to the bill of fare. Although you have the option of adding a ComboBox to your bill of fare, you should defy the impulse to make so. The placing of a ComboBox in a bill of fare is non considered to be good user interface design.

Separator - Places a centrifuge after the last bill of fare point to be added. Centrifuges in bill of fares are utile for separating between groups of menu points.

TextBox - Adds a TextBox control to the bill of fare. As with the ComboBox, you should defy the enticement to add such a control to a bill of fare as it violates GUI design convention.

Undertaking 04

Design the System Using UML Diagram

Elementss of a Use Case Diagram

A usage instance diagram is rather simple in nature and depicts two types of elements: one stand foring the concern functions and the other stand foring the concern processes. Let us take a closer expression at usage at what elements constitute a usage instance diagram.


An histrion portrays any entity that performs certain functions in a given system. The different roles the histrion represents are the existent concern functions of users in a given system.

An histrion in a usage instance diagram interacts with a usage instance. For illustration, for patterning a banking application, a client entity represents an histrion in the application. Similarly, the individual who provides service at the counter is besides an histrion.

But it is up to you to see what histrions make an impact on the functionality that you want to pattern. If an entity does non impact a certain piece of functionality that you are patterning, it makes no sense to stand for it as an histrion.

An histrion is shown as a stick figure in a usage instance diagram depicted `` outside '' the system boundary.


An histrion in a usage instance diagram

DetailsTo place an histrion, hunt in the job statement for concern footings that portray functions in the system. For illustration, in the statement `` patients see the physician in the clinic for

medical trials, '' `` physician '' and `` patients '' are the concern functions and can be easy identified as histrions in the system.

Use instance:

A usage instance in a usage instance diagram is a ocular representation of distinguishable concern functionality in a system. The cardinal term here is `` distinguishable concern functionality. '' To take a concern procedure as a likely campaigner for patterning as a usage instance, you need to guarantee that the concern procedure is distinct in nature.As the first measure in placing usage instances, you should name the distinct concern maps in your job statement. Each of these concern maps can be classified as a possible usage instance.

Uses of pointer

The utilizations arrow is drawn from a usage instance X to another usage instance Y to bespeak that the procedure of making X ever involves making Y at least one time.This symbol can be referred to as an collection operator, because it indicates that a given usage instance is an aggregative whose constituents are the usage instances that it uses.

Uses of extends arrow

The extends arrow ( or extends border ) is drawn from a usage instance X to a usage instance Y to bespeak that the procedure X is a particular instance behaviour of the same type as the more general procedure Y. You would utilize this in state of affairss where your system has a figure of usage instances ( procedures )

Show the Booking Details

Show the payment

Facility Detailss

Show the vehicle Category

Accept the Customer Details

Accept Feedback information


& lt ; & lt ; Extends & gt ; & gt ;









When do I utilize the include pointer?

In one signifier of interaction, a given usage instance may include another. `` Include is a Directed Relationship between two usage instances, connoting that the behaviour of the included usage instance is inserted into the behaviour of the including usage instance '' .

The first usage instance frequently depends on the result of the included usage instance. This is utile for pull outing genuinely common behaviours from multiple usage instances into a individual description. The notation is a dotted pointer from the including to the included usage instance, with the label `` A«includeA» '' .

Use Case Diagram


& lt ; & lt ; Include & gt ; & gt ;

& lt ; & lt ; Include & gt ; & gt ;

CR Department

CustomerEnter the Details

Send the Feedback

Search Vehicle

Request the engagement Detailss

Log to the System




Use Class Diagram

Class diagrams are widely used to depict the types of objects in a system and their relationships.A Class diagrams theoretical account category construction and contents utilizing design elements such as categories, bundles and objects.

Class diagrams describe three different positions when planing a system, conceptual, specification, and implementation.A A These perspectives become apparent as the diagram is created and assist solidify the design.A

This illustration is merely meant as an debut to the UML and category diagrams.A If you would wish to larn more see the Resources page for more elaborate resources on UML.


For those non familiar with the notation used for category diagrams, some account is in order.

Object- :

A specific entity or construct that has significance in an application sphere.

Class- :

A definition of a set of possible objects that have the same information, behaviour, and relationships.

Attribute- :

A information value defined in a category and held within an object that has significance within the application sphere.

Behavior- :

A service defined in a category and provided by an object.

Method- :

The execution of a behaviour in a VB. frame work.Net

Association- :

A `` peer-to-peer '' relationship between categories.

Class Diagram

A category diagram is similar to a household tree. A category diagram consists of a group of categories and interfaces reflecting of import entities of the concern sphere of the system being modeled, and the relationships between these categories and interfaces. The categories and interfaces in the diagram represent the members of a household tree and the relationships between the categories are correspondent to relationships between members in a household tree..

CR Department

Department Name

Department ID

Employee Detailss

Ailments Detailss

Vehicle Category



Customer Name

Customer ID

Customer Detailss

Feedback Detailss


Employee Name

Employee ID

Employee Detailss

State chart diagram

What are statechart diagrams?

Member of the Behavioral group Graph of provinces and passages demoing the response of an object to external stimulations attached to a category or a method

TraveLine Transit


Ticket Cancellation

Ticket Status

Online Servicess

General Inquiry

Exit from Theodolite

Undertaking 05

Coding for Main Menu

Public Class Form5

Private Sub Button1_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button1.Click

Form1.Show ( )

End Bomber

Private Sub Button2_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button2.Click

Form2.Show ( )

End Bomber

Private Sub Button3_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button3.Click

Form3.Show ( )

End Bomber

Private Sub Button4_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button4.Click

Form4.Show ( )

End Bomber

Private Sub Button5_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button5.Click

Close ( )

End Bomber

Private Sub Button6_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button6.Click

Form6.Show ( )

End Bomber

Private Sub Button7_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button7.Click

End Bomber

Private Sub Button8_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button8.Click

End Bomber

Private Sub Label9_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Label9.Click

End Bomber

End Class

Coding for Customer Details

Imports System.Data.SqlClient

Public Class Form1

Dim con As New SqlConnection ( `` Data Source=SUNDB ; Initial catalog=HND35_VB ; user id=hnd ; password=hnd '' )

Dim CustomerID As String

Dim CustomerName As String

Dim Address As Integer

Dim City As String

Dim State As String

Dim ZipCode As String

Dim EmailAddress As String

Dim ContactNumber As String

Private Sub Form1_Load ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles MyBase.Load

End Bomber

Sub Clear ( )

TextBox1.Text = `` ''

TextBox2.Text = `` ''

TextBox3.Text = `` ''

TextBox4.Text = `` ''

r1.Checked = False

b2.Checked = False

TextBox5.Text = `` ''

TextBox6.Text = `` ''

TextBox7.Text = `` ''

TextBox6.Text = `` ''

' CustomerID = `` ''

'CustomerName= `` ''

'Address = `` ''

' State= `` ''

' City= `` ''

'ZipCode= `` ''

'EmailAddress = `` ''

'ContactNumber= `` ''

End Bomber

Private Sub Button1_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button1.Click

Undertaking 06

Remarks are of import to all the programming linguistic communication ; these remarks explain the system, such as user defines names, and all the control buttons belongingss.

These remarks are aid to developersaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ .

Remarks can be used to document what the plan does and what specific blocks or lines of codification do. Since the Visual Basic compiler ignores remarks, you can include them anyplace in a plan without impacting your codification.

Align remarks in back-to-back lines

For multiple lines of codification with draging remarks, align the remarks so they will be easy to read.Some developers use check to aline remarks, while others use infinites. Because tab Michigans can change among editors and IDEs, the best attack is to utilize infinites

This cryptography for used to import the variable declaration portion

Imports System.Data.SqlClient

Public Class Form1

Dim con As New SqlConnection ( `` Data Source=SUNDB ; Initial catalog=HND35_VB ; user id=hnd ; password=hnd '' )

Dim CustomerID As String

Dim CustomerName As String

Dim Address As Integer

Dim City As String

Dim State As String

Dim ZipCode As String

Dim EmailAddress As String

Dim ContactNumber As String

Private Sub Form1_Load ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles MyBase.Load

Coding for canceling

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox1.Text ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox2.Text ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox3.Text ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox4.Text ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox5.Text ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox6.Text ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox7.Text ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ tp '' , r1.Checked ) )

cmdDelete.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ attention deficit disorder '' , b2.Checked ) )

cmdDelete.Connection = con

cmdDelete.ExecuteNonQuery ( )

MsgBox ( `` Successfully Deleted '' )

Catch ex As Exception

MsgBox ( `` No information '' & amp ; `` `` & A ; ex.Message )

con.Close ( )

coding for Adding

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Criminal Investigation Command '' , TextBox1.Text ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ name '' , TextBox2.Text ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Add '' , TextBox3.Text ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ City '' , TextBox4.Text ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ ZipCode '' , TextBox5.Text ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ Email '' , TextBox6.Text ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ TelNo '' , TextBox7.Text ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ tp '' , r1.Checked ) )

cmdAdd.Parameters.Add ( New SqlParameter ( `` @ attention deficit disorder '' , b2.Checked ) )

cmdAdd.Connection = con

cmdAdd.ExecuteNonQuery ( )

MsgBox ( `` Successfully Inserted '' )

Catch ex As Exception

MsgBox ( `` Invalid information '' & amp ; `` `` & A ; ex.Message )

con.Close ( )

'to happen some mistakes type & amp ; `` `` & A ; ex.Message

End Try

con.Close ( )

coding for Uncluttering

Sub Clear ( )

TextBox1.Text = `` ''

TextBox2.Text = `` ''

TextBox3.Text = `` ''

TextBox4.Text = `` ''

r1.Checked = False

b2.Checked = False

Undertaking 08

AA proof functionA determines whether or non a twine meets certain demands. This subject discusses the belongingss of proof maps, and describes how to make and utilize proof maps.

Validation Functions types

A twine that you are trying to formalize falls into one of three classs:

Demonstrably valid.

Probably non valid.

Not valid.

It is obvious what a proof map should make with strings in the first two classs

the 3rd class is harder.

cmdSave.Connection = con

cmdSave.ExecuteNonQuery ( )

MsgBox ( `` Successfully Inserted '' )

Catch ex As Exception

MsgBox ( `` Invalid information '' & amp ; `` `` & A ; ex.Message )

con.Close ( )

'to happen some mistakes type & amp ; `` `` & A ; ex.Message

End Try

con.Close ( )

End Bomber

Undertaking 10

Events in the.NET Framework are based on the delegate theoretical account. Delegates are type-safe Function Pointers or Callbacks. A delegate can cite both inactive and case methods.

Execution of an event is a three-step process.

Declare a delegate, if definition is non provided the.Net Framework would supply a default delegate execution.

Declare the event signature utilizing the Event keyword and Raise the event utilizing the RaiseEvent statement.

Manage the Event by declaring an event receiving system, frequently called an event animal trainer. Which is a subprogram that responds to an event?

Button Event

rivate Sub Button1_Click ( ByVal transmitter As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs ) Handles Button1.Click

If TextBox1.Text = `` '' Then

MsgBox ( `` Enter the Customer ID '' )

TextBox1.Focus ( )

ElseIf TextBox2.Text = `` '' Then

MsgBox ( `` Enter the Customer Name '' )

TextBox2.Focus ( )

ElseIf TextBox3.Text = `` '' Then

MsgBox ( `` Enter the Customer ContactNumber '' )

TextBox3.Focus ( )

Gantt chartConclusion

This undertaking is given to us as an appraisal method to look into our cognition of VB.Net Frame work and related constructs in managing a little graduated table scheduling undertaking. In the procedure of this undertaking, we were expected to place and utilize proper tools and methods to make system analysis, system design, system development and system testing.

This is an assignment for Ocular Programming. In this assignment I gave good inside informations about which enforced system for Horizon Airways. I think, I gave full fill all the user demands in this plan. When I am get downing this plan I felt, this is tuff plan for me, because some short of failings, I show making a system through VB. But while I am making this plan, I moved with few sum of confident, because my friends gave me thoughts to do this system really successfully. In the system I had few jobs in doing database connexion and bring forthing study. Equally good as delegating seats for a rider. But any manner, at last I got good thought about company procedure and I done a system with batch of originative thoughts, such as planing buttons, planing frames with nice backgrounds. Finally I hope I done a good system for Horizon Airways.

Equally good as I done the inquiries which they inquiring me, there are such studies I generated through my plan, I generated a ticket, and I can return the sum, who are the people wants to call off there are tickets. So over all the air hose procedure can be done through this system. I hope this system has all the of import air hose characteristics and user can manage this system really easy. Then I have done the certification for my plan, but I had in critical state of affairs, because I little late to completing the plan. So at last clip merely I could able to make this certification. But any manner the certification little easiest than plan, for that I got some confident, and I done the certification on clip. I hope, I done both certification and plan in usual mode and under given scenario. One last thing to reference is that I tried my best to give a nice interface to the system. But it still is a bid based interface and users prefer GUI based point and click interfaces. If this can be developed to be such an application, it will be more and more attractive to the users of the system.

Updated: May 21, 2021
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