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Henley Driving School Is A New Company Computer Science Essay

Henley Driving School is a new company located in Kuala Lumpur. The company provide driving lessons service to people. When the company foremost started, they have developed a manual paper based system to record and organise engagement for driving lessons. Presently the company has 12 drive teachers, about 60 pupils and a engagement clerk.

Whenever a new pupil registries, the engagement clerk will enter their inside informations onto a record card and placed it in an index file. Students may book one or more lessons through telephone or set up their following lesson with the teacher at the terminal of a lesson.

Booking clerk answers the telephone and files in assignment of pupils on the booking sheet.

Each teacher has paper journals that record lesson information of pupils. This paper diaries enter how many hours of lesson of a pupil have learn, list of driving accomplishments that needed to be learn, attendings of the pupil and clip of the following lesson, if arranged.

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When the teachers return to the base, they have to reassign these journals entry onto a paper booking sheet, which record all lessons of the teachers.

Any clangs on the assignments will be resolved by calling the pupils to alter assignments. Then merely, the teachers will be given the agenda for the following twenty-four hours lessons. These booking sheets and teacher agendas will merely be kept for one twelvemonth. Other than that, booking clerk creates bills for each pupil every hebdomad based on figure of lessons and direct out to the pupil ‘s place.

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Then the pupils settle the payment to their teacher on the following lesson.

This manual paper based system had created tonss of job as the company concern is turning. The major job is the clang of assignment between pupils. Other job is teachers sometimes fill in the incorrect clip in their journals for a engagement, or the inside informations are non transferred right onto the booking sheets. These little errors lead to teachers turning up for lessons at incorrect topographic point and clip. As the figure of pupils additions, it takes more clip for the engagement clerk to make bills for the pupils, this lead to increase of paper use. It besides increases the cost of the company.

Problem and Proposed Solutions

Henley Driving School confronting the job comes when the records of pupils and staffs are increasing and it is non systematic any longer to maintain all the informations in the file systems any longer. Instructor ‘s is utilizing paper journals in which to enter lesson information of the impulsive school centre kept in files. Because of the careless, Instructors accidently fill out the incorrect clip in their journal for a engagement, or some inside informations are transferred falsely onto the engagement sheet which leads to teachers turning up for lessons at the incorrect topographic point and the incorrect clip. If the companies happen any unexpected incident or catastrophe is there any dorsum up for all this of import information.

So that, the Henley Driving School Management System will be developed as a solution for the full job. The Henley Driving School Management System will maintain all the information of the day-to-day driving school centre operation which is from the pupil assignment, pupil attending records, lesson of agendas for the following twenty-four hours and the of import shop lesson information about the pupil. The Henley Driving School with the job of Management System will maintain path all of the operation information firmly and orderly and even with backup. It is holding the job for seeking and recovering informations, and doing alterations to all stored.

Problems in Existing System

While making observations, there are few jobs found in current system of a Henley driving school:

Staff Carelessness

Merely because the staff utilizing manual paper based system journals which to enter many of pupil lesson information of the impulsive school, it happen accidently fill out the incorrect clip in their journal for a engagement or some inside informations are transferred falsely onto the booking sheet.

Hence there are concerns that some staff is non cognizant of the error and do many misinterpreted information exist in the system that provide appliers inaccurate and non formatted information.

Tracking pupil advancement

In the old system, each pupil has own driving advancement, the staff finds it hard to maintain path of the proceedings as there is a batch of informations that is require to manually recorded by staff themselves. To Tracking pupil is need to takes some times if staff managing excessively many pupil at a same clip. Besides that, it possible affect staff ca n’t easy retrieve each pupil advancement.

Information Security

With utilizing the old system, since our informations is all kept in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access file therefore it is non as secure when the system is attack with virus. Without utilizing strong security characteristic within our system, all the of import personal item of the pupils within system such as designation figure, e-mail reference, cell phone figure, fees payment and more can be easy stolen by anyone to utilize in a offense act. Therefore, applier ‘s inside informations are easy stolen by foreigners without our system cognizing it.

Low informations retrieval in seeking

With utilizing the old system, through manual filing system in all informations will be kept in file harmonizing to the twelvemonth by twelvemonth or company alphabetically. This may consequence take some longer clip to seek for the pupil ‘s information needed in clip as the staff may hold to happen the file one by one and other related file merely to seek for some information. For an illustration, if the staffs want to seek the pupils ‘ designation figure or inside informations of their pupils, he or she has to seek on every file, one by one. It will blow excessively much clip and take longer clip to seek file.

No backup and recovery for the informations

In the old system, it could happened the file of all the pupils ‘ information lost or harm with utilizing manual files system has no backup and, the driving school Centre will lost all its valuable information. For an illustration, the most of import informations of the Henley driving school ‘s Centre is the inside informations of the pupils, staffs and history ‘s information, if that information lost, the driving school Centre will confront a bad impact where they may lose their of import information for a future analysis.

Proposed Solutions

Here are the proposed solutions that will be used when making the new system:

The Administration System control panel

The Administration System is used by Henley driving school staffs and besides teachers. Staffs are able to hive away in all the information and map. As for the teachers, they are able to entree all the Lesson Record from the Student Information and Listing. Administration System is manages the overall information of this system, whether it input from the Administration System itself or from the web site. The information is able to hive away in a same database platform so that information can be kept up to day of the month between the two ways.

The map of Administration System is described below:

I ) Booking Control

– This system is enabling in booking the driving scrutiny or practicing. To specify the practical engagement session that Include teacher ‘s name: vehicle to be used and location of the session.

two ) Student / Candidate Information

This system is supplying ‘s able to redact the bing pupil information, attention deficit disorder in and cancel in an bing payment of driving practical class.

three ) Invoices to pupils and print out the teachers agendas.

This system is supplying able for staff to direct bills and besides publishing out the teacher ‘s agendas for pupil to corroborate the engagements twenty-four hours before a lesson.

Iv ) Listing

Staff is able to naming pupil ‘s exam consequence, naming Numberss of passing and fail: study of the test booking Generate the authorities papers such as study SM4.

Database Management System ( DBMS )

Database will be able to work out misplaced applier ‘s inside informations and informations redundancy. The information that are stored in database will be easy manage and entree. For illustration, the pupil ‘s information by the pupil ‘s IC figure, updating, payment and seeking all this will be kept in their specific booklet in a database. If there is a opportunity where same information is inputted more than one time will non be a job since the database will unite all the same information and salvage it as a individual information.

Upgrading package and hardware

Harmonizing to the Henley driving school presently has one Personal computer running Windows XP. The ways is to upgrading the package and hardware will work out the computing machine public presentation job. For an illustration of package ascent will be the computing machines Operating System where the latest operating system will supply more maps, fastest and use when edifice and keeping the system. For the hardware ascent will be the computing machines processors, with the new processor the public presentation of the system will be likely to be in a good status where no losing pages or slow procedure will happen.

Automatic Notification via E-Mail

An electronic mail that comprises for directing out verification electronic mails to pupils to corroborate engagements information and contact figure of teacher will be sent to pupil ‘s electronic mail.

Backup and Recovery

The system is supplying an advanced backup and recovery processs to do certain informations safety and informations unity. Base on the recovery direction it will cover with the recovery of the database after a failure, such as a bad sector in the phonograph record or a power failure. The users non worry about it, if the system is happen corrupt ; all the informations have been back up and retrieve.

Overview of Problem and Proposed Solution

Below are the sum-up of the job correspond to the solution that will be able to assist work out the job are shown at the tabular array below:


Proposed Solution

Staff Carelessness

The Administration System control panel

Tracking pupil advancement

Database Management System ( DBMS )

Information Security

Upgrading package and hardware

Low informations retrieval in seeking

Automatic Notification via E-Mail

No backup and recovery for the informations

Backup and Recovery

Overview of Problem and Proposed Solution

Feasibility Study

The feasibleness survey is a survey assesses where a proposed designed is investigated to find if the undertaking is possible to be carried out of the operational, proficient and economic virtues of the proposed undertaking. For illustration, the latest system will be investigated based on the undermentioned classs to find whether constructing the new system is feasibily possible. In add-on, the consequences are compared based on the criterions between old system and criterions of the new system, if the new system is more comparatively sensible to be build so the undertaking will procede if non so the undertaking of constructing the new system will be terminated.

Technical Feasibility

Technical feasibleness is a step of the practicality of a specific proficient solution and the handiness of proficient resources and expertness.

Software and hardware

For the package of operating system may run on different computing machine architectures. Henley Driving School needs one time latest runing systems which are able to automatically work on all architectures. For illustration in old system, did non natively able to run fastest in the processors implementing the 64-bits criterions for computing machines. For the hardware, the company is possible have latest hardware demands which are able to run good public presentation of the system will be likely to be in a good status. For illustration, pressmans, modem, scanners and so on.

Is the engineering or solution practical?

Yes, the proposed engineering or solution is practical today more people are utilizing computing machine system to hive away in all the of import shop lesson information and engagements clip. This is the manner ; it will assist the company to salvage the cost, clip, energy and besides can be cut downing utilizing the paper the record the pupils ‘ lesson. In add-on, pupil ‘s is able to utilize computing machine via cyberspace to look into their electronic mail for the clip schedules verification.

Do we possess the necessary proficient expertness?

Yes our company need the proficient expertness since the organisation ‘s old system was built by a group of expertness in the company and was maintain by them. We need it because the proficient expertness is to pull off our system. Since our system did non hold a database to hive away in our information, with this proficient expertness our systems will more efficiency to pull off when confronting in mistake job and able to work out it. Examples of proficient expertness in the organisation are coders and system technician.

Do we presently possess the necessary engineering?

Yes, we need utilizing the SQL database system to hive away in our information. For illustration, our disposal is need a strong database is able to put permissions on tabular arraies, processs, and positions. Other than that, the company is need a hardware demands to do a studies about lessons done, invoice statement, figure on engagements and entire money made for that month.

Are the current proficient resources sufficient for the new system?

No, with utilizing the old system ; the company advancement is really easy. The company has to pass a batch clip to repair the system. For illustration pupils booking clip with the teacher that the engagement clerk has already allocated to another pupil and the pupil ‘s inside informations are transferred into the incorrectly topographic point or incorrect clip. With the new system advancement, the company is utilizing the latest system with the good perform to pull off their work and it can cut down the current job in this company.

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