The Contribution of Life Experiences in Redirecting My Path Overcoming Obstacles

Sometimes life-changing experiences can be a good teaching method to learn from. Overcoming obstacles in my life has helped me to contribute to who I am as an individual, a mother, and a student. My life experience has taught me to make a better decisions, embrace new challenges in my path, and contribute positive methods to ensure success in my life. Some people have always told me, " what does not kill me will make me strong"; and l have taken that strength and learned from it.

The past fifteen years of my life I have made poor judgment concerning my education, my family, and for myself. I lost my job a few years ago and I had no idea which path to take, which is when i made the decision to make a serious career move. The decision 1 made affected me in a major way; I went from a Correctional Officer working a normal five day and eight hours work week to a commercial truck driver leaving home for two to three days at a time.

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This career change was hard for me because I am a single mother who had to learn to balance maintaining my household and still be a parent all while driving throughout the United States.

The great thing about this situation I had my belief in God and a good support system with my family and friends; they stood by me and helped me with my son and other financial obligation I had at the time, As a parent] had to communicate effectively with my son about how important it was for him to learn responsibility because we did not have a traditional household.

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Presently I am still driving commercial trucks but have a dedicated route so I am at home every day and can interact in my son ’5 life, like athletically activities, homework, and music lesson. Everyday holds new challenges to already duties i currently take of; I also have to balance sleeping, studying, and taking care ofmy mind, body, and spirit. Some people ask me, “How do I do all these things and still walk around with a smileP”: my response to them is when you want something bad enough you are willing to sacrifice and work hard for whatever it is that you want.

Looking back at my past experiences I have learned not to let stress and anxiety play a major part in my life and stop me from achieving my goals, Embracing new things is something i make a part ofmy life daily, learning new things such as home improving and studying different cultural. i look at myself as a role model to my son, nieces, and nephews: teaching them to experience new things and meet new people. I don ’t want them to have the fear of felling because their outcome is not what they expect it to be, but to strive for excellent in everything they do. i learned it takes less energy to be positive then it does to think negative. l have a lot to prove not only to myself but to the people who love and support me, I have made bad choice that has affected my future such as not completing and taking my college education seriously. This is my first semester back in school after failing my classes thirteen years ago, which was awake call for me because I took something so important for granted.

I have taken a bad situation such as not completing my education and turning it into a positive message because it is not too late for me to be an outstanding student. Some people tell me I set my goals too high and thatl beat myself up for the dreams I want. I look at my dreams and goals as my picture window to my future; sunny and bright but some clouds and rain that] will learn from. Life experiences are a continuous learning method that is helping me to move forward toward my education and personal goals. Overcoming past challenges and embrace new obstacles in my life will help me to make better decision, taking new journeys to higher ground, and maintaining a positive environment to ensure success to my future.

Updated: Aug 08, 2022
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