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Have you ever heard of Emma Jalamo songs? Emmanuel Austin Odhiambo, popularly known as Emma Jalamo, is a Kenyan vernacular artist. He writes his music in his native Luo language. He has six siblings in his family. His father was a cobbler. The artist grew up in the slums of Mathare in Nairobi. He dropped out of school at a tender age and became a hawker at Ugunja near his ancestral home in Kisumu. Later, he moved to Kayole Nairobi and subsequently to Kibera slums in Nairobi.

While in the slums, he became a member of a church. Due to his love for music, he joined the church choir, where he rose to become the leader of the group. Later, he encountered with musician Seth Oloo, who ushered him into the world of his music career.

He produced two albums but his third one addlepated him to fame. Later on, he shifted his career to include the secular world. He started recording secular music too.

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To some of his followers, the two sides of the talented musician were complimentary for the growth of his career. Others criticized the songwriter for shifting goal posts. Much of his progress is connected to the particular genre of his music. Emma Jalamo also tried his luck in politics. He contested in the member of county assembly position in 2017 general elections. Regrettably, he grievously lost to his adversaries. He went back to his music career. Emma Jalamo has released quite a number songs to date. Some of the Emma Jalamo songs include;


‘Raila’ is one of the best Emma Jalamo songs in 2018.

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Raila Odinga is a Kenyan politician. He is known for his vibrant politics in Kenya. During his career, he is detained without trial due to his hard stand. In the song, Emma Jalamo compliments the veteran politician for his excellent work. Raila is a worldwide known political leader. The underlying factor in this song is to praise the politician for his drudgery. As the music ends, he calls for the politician to continue his marvelous work.

Wivu Mbaya

‘Wivu,’ prominently referred to by his bigots, is one of the songs by Emma Jalamo that have gained an extensive following on social media. Here, the artist attempts to exert the society to avoid jealousy. Jealousy induces hate in any culture. In every nation, people are blessed differently regarding wealth. Therefore, for peace to prevail in any decent community, everyone has to be appeased with what he/she has.

Amani Kenya

‘Amani,’ is a Swahili word which stands for peace. It is one of the Emma Jalamo hit songs so far. The artist passes a message of harmony to his audience. The lyrics encourage the listeners to the necessity of unity in the society. It is authentic that peace is vital for both economic and educational priorities. The artist too urges the community to continue with the existing neighborhood. The truce is therefore crucial as the singer indicates in the lyrics.


Yahwe is a synonym for God. It is a praise song to God. The song went relatively viral because it was one of the arts that popularized him to the industry. If you listen to it, you will have a gasp of what outstanding talent from the lakeside. The lyrics and the flow of the beats provide a good rhythm for the song.

Yesu in Emma Iroma

‘Yesu in Emma Iroma’ is also in the Emma Jalamo songs list. Iroma is a Luo word meaning ‘enough.’ The song was done to imply that with Jesus, one should not lament of any other earthly things. This piece of art passes the message that one should first seek the kingdom of God. The underlying of the sing is to induce the feeling of satisfaction to believers.

Ngima polo

‘Ngima polo’ is another amazing art of songs of Emma Jalamo. In this piece of art, the musician explains about life in heaven. The title of the song means ‘life in heaven.’ The musician sings about how he imagines of the life in heaven. He draws an analogy of living in paradise and the life on earth. The artist describes the excellent life expected in paradise and passes a message to his audience about salvation. The viewer, therefore, has to choose between the expected growth in heaven or otherwise.

Yesu biro Dwogo

‘Jesus is coming’ is the translation for this piece of art. The basic idea in this song is to remind believers that the Messiah is coming soon. It is rather a warning song to send the message to believers to repent their sins. Most of the musician’s fanatics believe that this is one of the best Emma Jalamo songs in the gospel side of his talent. After its release, ‘Yesu biro Dwogo’ received a massive audience, especially in churches. Social media and electronic media platforms were too not left behind. It was like an anthem in the Luo community, more so in the gospel fraternity.

Gimoro Amoro ma Yesu Omiya.

Everything that we own in this world belongs to God. Emma Jalamo’s intend for this song is to give thanks for his success. Moreover, he attributes his success to the almighty God. Considering his success in his music career, the artist acknowledges that all that he owns is acquire through the spiritual power of God. The central message in this song is to learn to appreciate our God-given success. Considering the artist’s impoverished background, he is bound to give thanks for his achievements so far. After its release, ‘Gimoro Amoro maYesu Omiya’ was one among the trending Emma Jalamo songs.

In Emma Inyalona Yesu

Jesus is powerful. Emma Jalamo attempts to prove that Jesus has enabled him to achieve his success. It is one of the most watched Emma Jalamo video songs. In this music, the artist sings of how Jesus has helped him. If you listen to the lyrics, the message in the music is evident. The blending of the beats and the lyrics make the listener to like the quality of the African rhythms. This music is made to acknowledge the ability of Jesus power.

Tim kinda

Majority of us, if not all, earn a living the hard way. In short, the wealth that the majority of us possess is usually hard earned. ‘Tim Kinda’ is a piece of art that encourages the gallery. It is one of the Emma Jalamo latest songs. The spirit of all endeavors is hard work. The message in this song is to remind the followers of the importance of efforts in all aspects of life. From the musician’s native lakeside, the majority of the economic activity is fishing. He urges his fellow tribesmen to be on the tender hooks in their operations.

Amilo Nyar Nyakach

Amilo is a female in the Luo community. Amilo Nyar Nyakach is a song that praises Amilo, the daughter of Nyakach. Emma Jalamo goes ahead to describe her beauty and character. Generally, the music is meant to catch the attention of the audience about the beauty of the girl. Amilo Nyar Nyakach is among the Emma Jalamo new songs. For those who love diversity, this is a love song for them.


Mapenzi is a Swahili word meaning ‘love.’ Emma Jalamo is described as versatile after releasing this melody. At the start of the opera, he expresses love, before embarking on his primary native language. Mapenzi was done to increase the entertainer’s fan base. Having done gospel, educative and political songs, he chooses to do a love song. It is one of the Emma Jalamo latest songs. Here, the songwriter tries to reflect his audience how love runs the world.


Suzzana is a female name. It is another epic entertainment from the lakeside songwriter. It is another emotional art since it is a love song. In the song, he describes Suzzana in a manner that all his audience sees her beauty. The skills in the lyrics show how the songwriter was determined to pass the message. The idea behind this song is to reveal the songwriter’s love for Suzzana. It is, therefore a simple love song.


‘Utanikumbuka’ is a Swahili term meaning ‘you will remember me.’ The term implies some bitterness in the vocalist song. Here, the vocalist pretends to be happy in the song. Further, the mood and the tone of lyrics are rather sad. The song depicts betrayal done to the artist. The song serves as a lesson to the ‘betrayer’ of the musician. The songwriter tries to remember his past and the current period after the betrayal. Generally, it is a lamenting song as well as a caution to ‘betrayers.’

First lady

‘First lady,’ as the term says is a love song too. Emma Jalamo worships his lover who is his wife. He calls her a prince in her description. The music was on the top charts in the musician’s community for quite some time. In fact, it is one of the songs that have won awards to the brilliant vocalist. In the song, he tells his companion he is his life partner. Further, the musician comments his wife for standing with him even before he rose to fame.

Broadly, that is the integrated Emma Jalamo recent songs. The vocalist is versatile considering his full performance in his career. He has made political, love, and entertaining music. His rapid success is accelerated by the fact that he can perform in different audiences. These include churches for his gospel music, entertainment joints, and schools. On the contrary, most of his fanatics are from his community. It is because he performs his entire art in his mother tongue. However, considering the vocalist’s versatility, one will never be upset to hear him play in other languages in the future. Moreover, this will extend his fan base all over the country or maybe the entire world. On the other hand, this will also increase his returns. Who knows?

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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