Cosmetology: Enhancing Beauty, Wellness, and Confidence

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Cosmetology is the professional ability and practice of enhancing the hair, face, skin and body. Cosmetologists draw out the beauty within everyone by dealing with the body. (Attraction) The process is hard, it involves many practice, skill, and clients. Each category has its own steps and techniques. Cosmetology is not only to enhance but also to recover the human body. They are like medical professionals without the physician's degree. It is really crucial to keep the body sensation stunning, relaxed and healthy, but hard to do by yourself.

(Attraction) This is why cosmetology is crucial. They bring the charm that is within you out for the world to see. A cosmetologist is a specialist who provides his services in a variety of fields; this might be hair transformations, makeup, manicuring, and numerous other similar profiles. A cosmetologist does not always work on a single profile they might be doing more than one field. But their main motive is to make individuals look stunning and feel fresh.

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The most typical places where cosmetologists are used in are charm shops, as many of their job is carried from the beauty parlor. Other locations in which cosmetologists work in are health clubs. Some of the licensed cosmetologists may prefer to begin their own appeal service.

To become a cosmetologist there are specialized courses which are needed. For example basic safety and sanitation course, hair care course, aesthetics and hair removal course, nail care course, facial course, and salon management course. Without these classes there’s no way to be a successful cosmetologist.

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A cosmetologist has many different responsibilities. Each responsibility is different in each field. A hairdresser’s responsibilities are shampooing, trimming, coloring, and treating hair, and making various hairstyles which clients want to wear. A skin care specialist has to focus on making clients' skin better by facials and massages. Also have to advice clients on how to take care of their skin, and what cosmetic items are suitable for their skin type. A manicurist would be required to carry out duties which include coloring, cleaning, and treating customers' nails, and advising the customers how to take good care of their nails. (Cosmetologist)

Being a cosmetologist is not an easy job, it’s not just cosmetology there are many different fields or categories. The main category that makes up cosmetology is the hair. (Allure) How the hair looks is always most important for the woman. It is also the most difficult part of cosmetology. There are many steps to cutting the hair. (How To…) The first is to know the tools. Each hair style or technique involves different kind of tools. Hair shears/scissors are mostly used for others maybe a razor or special designed hair shears/scissors. For a guy’s cut cosmetologist would use a basic hair clipper set or shears/scissors. (How To…) The second step would be to get to know the client, what they like, what they do, and their everyday life. This helps figure out what kind of hair style will fit them the best. (Allure) When starting on the hair you always want to begin with sectioning it. This could be done many different ways. It all depends on how the hair falls or what kind of shape the head is. The reason for starting with sectioning is to keep things neat. When it comes to the cutting there are many things to keep in mind. The desired hair length, thick or thin hair, how much damage the hair has and so on. All of these depend on what kind of scissors should be used or what techniques to do. (How To…)

Also coloring the hair is very important. It is not easy to do. There is a lot of math involved and knowing the mixing colors. One small mistake like adding a little more color then needed, can lead to severe damage. It is highly recommended for hair coloring to be left for professional cosmetologist to do. (Allure) It is not impossible to fix bad hair cuts or color but it does take some time and a lot more thinking. When a girl gets her hair cut or colored she feels like she can be herself, express who she is. (Allure) Cosmetologist help for this to happen. Another way of feeling beautiful is through makeup. Makeup has been around since ancient Egyptians used it. They created the world's first cosmetics to the scientifically advanced products of today that can do everything from hide pores, smooth complexions, and turn the pale green of your eyes a vivid shade of emerald, makeup has been a big part of humankind for thousands of years. (History of Makeup)Women did many different home techniques to change their face features for example they used berries to stain their lips or coal to darken their eyes. (History of Makeup) When using makeup it covers up the flaws on a person’s face. It can also bring out a good feature on a person. (Making Faces) Makeup can make beautiful eyes pop out, highlight nice cheekbones, define a person’s lips. To create a good look it is necessary to know the right colors that go together. There are also seasonal colors, pastel for spring, to bring out the blooming new flower colors.

Bright colors are worn in the summer, for example neon colors or any color to bring out the warm tan skin. Warm for fall, and dark for winter. This makes sense because if someone wore bright colors in winter they would just stand out too much or dark colors in summer. Also dark colors usually mean cold or not lively so there for wouldn’t normally be worn in the summer. But the most commonly known is the natural look. (Making Faces) Most women want to get the natural look. This means they want to cover all their flaws but look like they are naturally this way. Makeup can make a person more self-confident and feel great about who they are. It’s a natural thing for girls to wear makeup. It shows their personality, and makes them who they are. (Making Faces) Moving on to nails. A nail technician must enjoy being with people and working with them. To do nails many need to have the knowledge about nail health and sanitary procedures. A nail technician has to be educated about medications which can affect product applications. (Nail Facts) Many people don’t know but to become a nail technician you have to go through many different types of classes. The classes will typically include courses on nail theory such as bacteriology, the study of different types of bacteria build up in the human body. Sterilization and sanitation is another course. Nail and skin disorders and diseases also treatment of hands and feet. A nail technician has to advise their clients on skin issues such as dryness, calluses and on nail heath.

Anatomy of nails, skin, cells, muscles, skeletal, circulatory, nerves is another course that a nail technician has to take. Salon/spa business, to know how to run their own business. And customer service and professionalism. Nail technician’s job consists of performing manicures and pedicures, which include nail maintenance, shaping, and applying creative and new art pieces on the nails. There are many different types of nails that can be done. For example Acrylic nails, gel nails, nail chemistry, manicuring, and pedicure. They can also just take care of your natural nail to help them grow or to strengthen them and keep them healthy. Nails are really important to take care of. They can tell a lot about a person’s health and their problems. (Nail Facts) In cosmetology nails is very
important. To Graduate cosmetology you have to know how to do nails and to know about the human body. Facials are also done by cosmetologists. What is a facial? A facial cleans and nourishes the skin to give you clear, well-hydrated skin. They are sometimes called a "deep-cleansing facial" or "deep-pore cleansing" facial. ( spa) All cosmetologists are legally allowed to give facials. ( spa) Why do we need facials? They remove the dead skin from the face giving a natural glow. Not only do you feel cleaner, but your face looks better. The daily interactions that our faces have with the world leave behind dirt and chemicals on our skin. When looking at skin in regular light, there’s a lot unseen. LED Light Illumination pinpoints problems by zooming in on the skin. This allows people to start treating problem areas before they become visible to the naked eye. (Facial Facts)

A facial monthly is recommended, that’s how long it takes the skin to regenerate. Going too much, over doing facials, can bring harm to the skin. ( spa) This can bring more breakouts and irritation then what was already there to begin with. Many people that that facials are for cleaning pores and de-clogging our face and preventing breakouts. Less breakouts means less skin irritation, allowing one to feel confident without a face full of makeup. But it could also be for keeping from aging too fast. Many people think that plastic surgery is the only way to get a nice glowing wrinkle free face. But by getting a facial done once in a while will give the similar results to a plastic surgery. (Facial Facts) A facial is the second most popular spa treatment after massage. ( spa) This brings us to massage therapy. Massage therapy is the practice of using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. It is performed for treating pain, decompressing tired and overworked muscles, reducing stress, help sport injuries, and for general health. Massage therapists can specialize in many different types of massages. For example deep-tissue massage, sports massage, and neuromuscular massage. A massage can be as long as 1 hour or as short as 5 or 10 minutes. Usually, the type of massage given depends on the client's needs. They may use special techniques for elderly clients that they would not use for younger clients.

For massage therapy they use massage oils, lotions, or creams to massage and rub the client's muscles. Most modalities of massage require clients to be covered in a sheet or blanket and to wear loose-fitting clothing. The therapist exposes only the body part being massaged. Most massage therapists give massages in dimly lit settings like candles and/or incense. Also they play calm, soothing music. The dim lighting, smells, and background noise are meant to put clients at ease. Strong communication skills and a friendly, empathetic personality is important. Making clients feel comfortable is one of the most important skills for massage therapists. When giving massages they are not allowed to go past certain point on the body so the client doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Not many people can do massages that’s why in cosmetology they have different positions or things you can do. (Significant points) Many cosmetologists after getting their license want to start their own business or salon. But to run a salon is not as easy as it sounds. The hardest part about running a salon is to keep the clients that you have. Without the clients there is no money and the business goes downhill. Maintaining the budget is also one of the hardest things about running a salon. There are many products that needs to be bought, bills to pay staff to pay, and have to buy supplies for customers and client use. When opening a salon the first thing you have to think about is getting staff.

Usually most of the staff will be the ones fresh from cosmetology school. The product company will also help find good staff to work for the salon that their products are being used at. Sometimes staff from other salons will be invited to go work for other salons. For front desk, the staff has to be very good with computers, very organized, and good with people. Front desk staff are the most important, without them the salon would not be as successful. Even though the staff are trained and licensed sometimes they still need to be trained out of cosmetology school. Regular meetings are usually held to see how much they improved with clients or cuts. To keep the business or salon successful and more clients to want to come there are many different ads and so that needs to be done so that the salon is recognized. Some salons do free makeovers every month and add it to a magazine to attract more people. At times there are contests held to give out free makeovers. This gets people more involved and interested in the salon. Donations and charities help raise money for products and things around the salon that need to be taken care of. Also giving out coupons helps bring people in. Internet helps a lot with ads, for example facebook.

Make a page for the salon and many people will notice it and want to check it out. But the most fast and popular way of making the salon grow in clients is through other clients. The better job done the more the clients will tell other people about the salon. (Interview Linda) Cosmetology is the professional skill and practice of beautifying the hair, face, skin and body. Cosmetologists bring out the beauty within each person by working on the human body. Professional cosmetologists can work in any cosmetologist areas of work because they achieve all of the psychological, physiological, health and beauty care. There are many different categories or fields that cosmetologist can do to help other people. Being a cosmetologist is not an easy job. There are lots of responsibilities and very hard work. It involves practice, skill, and many patients. They work on health and all beautification features to help their clients become attractive and self-confident. They are individual people who know all about the body and face and they can give a lot of advice. This is why cosmetology is important. They bring out the beauty that is within each person, out for the world to see.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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