The 12 Astrological Types Of The Mastermind

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Using the Elements to describe the Mastermind is only one branch or expression of a very broad spiritual tree. To fully understand the inner workings of a person’s soul you would have to consider the tree as a whole and not its individual branches. While there are too many paths to explore in one article, a common study is western astrology, or as it’s better known, the Zodiac. To truly understand one’s personality or soul, one would have to explore all avenues and put the pieces together as though they were a puzzle.

The Zodiac, in western astrology groups souls according to the stars they were born under. There are 12 Zodiac signs in total, and your sign is determined by the specific day you were born. While Elements and Western astrology might seem like two entirely different things, but it’s better to understand them as two sides of the same coin. The position of the sun at a time of a person’s birth can also reveal a thousand things about how unique each Mastermind is individually.

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The fascinating astrology of the sun has been interpreted for you in this report to help you understand how your sun sign influences the Mastermind out of you.

To understand the Mastermind even better, this article will now explore how the Mastermind behaves when influenced by the different Zodiac signs.

ARIES MASTERMIND: 21 March to 19 April

The Aries Mastermind is an animal sign of opposite directions. A representation of how balance can be achieved despite two opposites.

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An Aries Mastermind is a light-hearted persona. They are vivacious and that’s why they are admired by many. People are drawn to their company because they are always present and stable. They are well grounded but curious. They are dynamic individuals who find delight in surprises and are not afraid of change. A routine pattern bores the life out of them and they seek to be challenged by exploring out new things rather than repeatedly carrying out one same task. They are in control and have a good grasp at what they do which makes them easily adapt to change. The Aries Mastermind has a tendency to be impatient. If you are an Aries Mastermind reading this, you might want to consider slowing down a bit. Don’t rush into things. Don’t let excitement spur the moment. This could potentially lead you into trouble. Be cautious enough to take your time – especially in love. You never want to end up on the wrong relationship. As what the old folks always say, good things often take time.

TAUREAN MASTERMIND: 20 April to 20 May

The Taurean Mastermind is someone of highly regarded intellectual skills. They feel dominant over others because they are intellectually prodigious and physically adept. They are practical, persuasive and the logical type of person. They are gregarious and can attract people’s attention because of their humor. The Taurean Mastermind is someone of broad knowledge and they enjoy sharing their wisdom to people. People admire the Taurean Mastermind’s cleverness and physique. They can easily make money and they surely know how to manage their fortune. They are not the extravagant type of person. Taurean Masterminds are self-reserved and find it difficult to trust others. They are strongly guarded to maintain a reasonable degree of privacy to themselves but they are amiable people. The Taurean Mastermind might be less serious about love in their younger years but their maturity will yield much more meaningful relationships with people as they come of age. A note of advice to the Taurean Mastermind, you need to understand your strengths and use the correct approach to handle people.

GEMINI MASTERMIND: 21 May to 20 June

The Gemini Mastermind is a person of interesting ideas. They are people you’d love to listen to when they speak their minds. They are born with eloquence and this charisma draws people to them. People would be interested to spend their time with the Gemini Mastermind. However, they will soon be exhausted with the Gemini Mastermind’s fickleness. The Gemini Mastermind’s intelligence is one of their greatest strengths. But this is watered down by their weakness in decision making. Gemini Masterminds are indecisive and unreliable. They have too many interests, and they end up being a master of none. Gemini Masterminds have a very expensive ego and are fairly genuine in nature. They are superficial and this is why people may get tired of them. If you are Gemini Mastermind reading this, it would be good to set your heart in one place. Determine where you want to be in the world and what you want to do. Having too many interests is not bad at all, just learn to take one step at a time and you’ll be more self-actualized.


The Cancerian Mastermind are practical beings. They live in reality and are keen observers. Their intuitiveness is strong. Cancerian Masterminds are secretive and not trusting of others. They can be at times, moody and irritable. They are private individuals but what’s so fascinating about them is how they value their family.

They despise change and circumstances unfamiliar to them. Familiar surroundings give them pleasure and a stable sanctuary makes them feel complete. The Cancerian Mastermind may find it extremely difficult to rely and trust certain people. They can’t surrender themselves to people which makes it hard for them to love whole heartedly. If one fancies someone who is a Cancerian Mastermind, they would have to really go the extra mile to earn a Cancerian Mastermind’s trust. They wouldn’t give it easily to people. A person would have to earn it to deserve it and that’s how a Cancerian Mastermind may love back in return. A point to note for the Cancerian Mastermind, you might consider putting down your pride and start accepting the people around you.

LEO MASTERMIND: 23 July to 22 August

The Leo Mastermind has the preferences of a king. They live under the credence of being able to deserve the best there is in the world. They are noble individuals, elite of their kind. Leo Masterminds are extravagant in nature and are highly influential. They win the heart of people through their charisma. The Leo Mastermind’s well-seasoned sense of humor attracts people to them. They are highly respected and loved by many. The Leo Mastermind is very well guarded in terms of their finances. They value their fortune and would like to maintain a stable and good financial reputation. The Leo Mastermind can also come quite stiff in relationships. They need constant re-assurance of affection. In order to keep the love alive, Leo Masterminds have to feel their partner’s presence in the relationship. A Leo Mastermind is a demanding partner; they would want to deserve all of their partner or nothing at all. Long distance relationships would never work for a Leo Mastermind. Being in a relationship is not significant at all without companionship. A point to note for the Leo Mastermind, it should be a constant effort for you to know that it is a blessing to give than to receive. The more you give, the more you shall receive.

VIRGO MASTERMIND: 23 August to 22 September

The Virgo Mastermind is a disciplined perfectionist. They often feel pressured to achieve a goal once they set their eyes on it. They will feel restless if they have to settle for what’s average, and always strive to put their best foot forward. The Virgo Mastermind cannot afford disappointments in failure. Being in control is their forte. The Virgo Mastermind would look into the consequences and weigh their options before making a decision as they are strategic and logical.

The Virgo Mastermind usually prevail victorious in their chosen career because they are naturally hardworking. Their good business judgment and resourcefulness would always complement their success. The only challenge they face is having to socializing with people. The Virgo Mastermind has poor interpersonal skills – especially a sharp tongue. Their intelligence can sometimes be their greatest intimidation. People might find it hard to afford their company but if they learn to mellow down their words and gain a fair perspective in people, they can definitely shine amongst everyone else. A word of advice for the Virgo Mastermind, there will always be someone out there who will match your wit. If you only could afford some leeway from your perfectionist mindset, you might just find yourself an ideal relationship.

LIBRA MASTERMIND: 23 September to 22 October

The Libran Mastermind carries a good air of charm and is an interesting type of individual. People are drawn to them because of their overflowing positivity. Libran Masterminds carry a cheerful spirit and they tend give the people around them good vibes.

It is exciting to be in the company of a Libran Mastermind since they can breathe life into people. They make people appreciate the brighter side of life. They can drive dark clouds away on any given occasion. The Libran Mastermind enjoys intimate company. They are rarely seen without a partner because they are too happy to be alone. Their positive outlook in life is what makes them attractive.

Another interesting fact about a Libran Mastermind are their hobbies. They love to always be in the lookout for good deals and great bargains. They can effortlessly put more value on their money because they are wise and smart buyers. They constantly seek for greener pastures because they have a short span of interests. This character is highly reflected on their careers. If they are no longer feeling accomplished or if they feel stagnant at a chosen job, they would never have any doubts in looking for a much challenging role somewhere else. A point to note for the Libran Mastermind, you should appreciate the moment constantly as you might miss out the important details in life.

SCORPIO MASTERMIND: 23 October to 21 November

A Scorpio Mastermind is a contemplator of things and an invincible soul. Their strengths define their persona. Scorpio Masterminds are highly intelligent and driven individuals with the right motivation. They are born a warrior. They are never afraid to render their enemies powerless if necessary. Scorpio Masterminds always come out strong in a fight and their career path specially, is a game plan of success. Scorpio Masterminds achieve their goals through their hard work, deviousness and strategic approach. They clearly know what they want and they know how to get it. People are drawn to them because of their efficiency as a person. They are the kind of people that makes things happen and because of their bold intentions, people tend to readily render their support. Scorpio Masterminds possess strong potential to achieve their goals and the people around them clearly recognize that. Others feel very confident to support them because they are certain that they will never be let down by a Scorpio Mastermind. Because they strategize with a clear process, Scorpio Masterminds compared to others, achieve their goals very efficiently. A point to note for the Scorpio Mastermind, it is important to recognize the influence you have over your peers. Hence, it is part of the game plan for you to lead a generation.

SAGITTARIUS MASTERMIND: 22 November to 21 December

The Sagittarian Mastermind is a soul crafted out of enthusiasm. They are playful and amiable individuals. Their charm draws people to them. They are the type who wants to dwell on a happy place and gets easily bored. They are made weak by their fickleness. They would constantly wish to be somewhere new and they are someone who fancies change. Their interests are unstable and temporary. They are loved by many because of their friendliness but they despise being deceived by others. They find it difficult to trust people easily and so they tend to keep their guards high. Despite being sociable, they still maintain a relatively high level of privacy and keep a short list of truly real friends.

A Sagittarian Mastermind is someone who doesn’t have a vivid idea about the things they truly want in life. They dwell temporarily in the current season of their lives and so when times change, so are their plans and preferences. Consistency is something they don’t have and so it is almost impossible to predict a Sagittarian Mastermind’s journey. They are dynamic individuals. They are the risk takers and nomads trying to find their best place in the world. They don’t settle their hearts in one place unless it reaches a point of realization that they have finally arrived to where they were meant to be. A point to note for the Sagittarian Mastermind, you need to work on finding out the end goal in mind before committing to anything in life.

CAPRICORN MASTERMIND: 22 December to 19 January

The Capricorn Mastermind is a smart and ingenious persona. They are friendly individuals and are very sociable. One of their strongest assets is having an analytical mindset. Their actions are largely driven by logical reasoning which makes them very competent for tasks that requires research and analyzing data. Capricorn Masterminds have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulty and are exceptionally capable of pulling social strings in their favor. Because of their intricate and intellectual nature, it is very difficult to outsmart a Capricorn Mastermind. They always think ahead and are always wary of any potential threats. In relationships, Capricorn Masterminds are attracted to faithfulness. They are not very adventurous in nature and therefore tend to look for committed relationships. Capricorn Masterminds need to find someone that has the same degree of loyalty in order for the relationship to flourish. A point to note for the Capricorn Mastermind – with the knowledge you have gained, it would be privilege to impart that to the younger generation.

AQUARIUS MASTERMIND: 20 January to 18 February

The Aquarian Mastermind is a daydreamer. They have the most fascinating imaginations and are largely driven by emotions rather than logic. They tend to have a passion for art and culture and are born with a flair for creativity. Aquarian Masterminds value love of highest importance and they treasure their friendships. However, being a free-spirited soul, they are skeptical about commitment. People are attracted to the sweet passion and love of Aquarian Masterminds because in their heart lies no place for hate or grudge. The Aquarian Mastermind’s energy is fueled by their emotions. They are like a colorful sky, vibrant and passionate, but their free-spirited nature can at times make them rash and impatient. The Aquarian Mastermind believes their social cause is to bring people together and that is why they find a sense of belonging in the company of friends. Yet at the same time, the Aquarian Mastermind believes they are free-spirited individual that belongs to the world and so tend to prefer broad relationships rather than exclusive committed relationships. A point to note for the Aquarian Mastermind, you should spend more time in the process of decision making before jumping on a conclusion.

PISCES MASTERMIND: 19 February to 20 March

The Piscean Mastermind is a great persona but one that is hard to fully comprehend. They are unpredictable and spontaneous and find joy in spur-of-the-moment happenings. They are not bothered by uncertainty but rather, thrive in it. They rarely commit themselves to anything or anyone. Piscean Masterminds tend to have an unsettled and at times agitated mind but what is fascinating about them is their ability to always get their head back in the game. They are resilient individuals who always fight to stand back up after falling. This is the reason Piscean Masterminds are destined to achieve great things. Luck and support tends to shower a Piscean Mastermind’s journey and this keeps them going in their topsy-turvy lives. Given their spontaneous nature, creativity easily flows in Piscean Masterminds. They also have the gift of words and are extremely adept in social situations. Piscean Masterminds, however, are highly unpredictable, so much so that they may have challenges finding a partner that is capable of coping with their erratic lifestyle. A point to note for the Piscean Mastermind, you might want to adopt the habit of having a more structured lifestyle such as planning your schedule, prioritizing your to-do list and managing your time and energy effectively.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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