Terminal Reports

What was your basis fpr selecting your practicum organization?

I chose Office of the Solicitor General because one of our 3rd year professor in Political Dynamics, Atty. Rigor Pascual, was a former intern in OSG. He told us that if we want to learn a lot we should prefer OSG as our OJT destination.

Describe in details your duties and responsibilities in your practicum organization.

In the division which I was assigned, they taught the process how to make delegations, file cases, update cases in ECMT, motion and manifestations and others which includes photocopying of files and recording of new cases received by our division.

These are my duties and responsibilities everyday during my OJT.

What were your personal, academic and professional expectations from the Practicum Program?

I am expecting to learn more about my future career path either in the fields of law or management and to improve and develop not only my skills but also my personality. All of my expectations were all satisfied after 200-hours of quality on-the-job training.

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Were your expectation met? Why or why not?

I’m proud to say that all of my expectations were met as I have learned a lot of things in my 200 hours or 6 weeks of stay in OSG. They taught me a lot of things in the field of law and give me some advice how to become a good lawyer. All in all, my stay in OSG was a one o a kind experience that I will never forget.

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Describe in details your working relationship with your superiors and co-workers/co-trainees.

I have a very good relationship with my superiors especially my supervisor Atty. Tadeo as she is very kind and helpful to me. She taught me a lot of things regarding my work to be accomplished and things that might be helpful in my academic training in school. It was a happy workplace as all of the employees in our division were kind and supportive.

Describe in detail three incidents related to your practicum where you were able to fully utilize your academic training.

  • I was able to use my knowledge in persons and family relations when I was given a research about marriage and adoption.
  • My legal research class was also useful whenever I was told to get a SCRA or anything from their library.
  • Lastly, my knowledge about computers was also utilized as everyday I am in front of the computer for my paper works (delegation, motion and manifestations etc.).

Describe fully any incident(s) which may have proven disturbing during your Practicum.

There wasn’t any disturbing incident that happened during my OJT program and honestly it was more of a productive and enjoyable experience than that of a distressing one.

What suggestions can you put forward to further improve the Practicum Program of the Legal Management Department?

We should have been given a seminar about our internship program, as it was confusing from the start. We were told first that it is okay to have your OJT outside Metro Manila and then after some of us have chosen our OJT destination from different provinces, we are told the other way around which was very frustrating and hassling. To improve the Practicum Program of the Legal Management Department, student should be properly informed and knowledgeable about the their OJT program.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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