About Writing Informal Short Reports

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Brief reports are usually casual reports. Generally, these reports serve existing needs and tend to have a restricted readership. They tend to be between one and 5 single-spaced pages (ten double-spaced). They also tend to reveal a first individual viewpoint. They use an individual style– we and you and a familiar vocabulary that communicates informality. They are frequently formatted for internal and external usage.


A lot of casual reports follow the memo or letter format and are referred to as memo-reports and letter-reports.

Use the memo-report format when writing internal or external interactions about regular operations and familiar subject. Utilize it to inform colleagues about recent experiences– excursion, conferences, and seminars, and to report on accomplishments.

Write a memo-report when you wish to file a record of a choice, a deal, a conference, or a proposal. Any topic that needs documentation can be established as a memo-report: new procedures and policies, background details for sales staff, new marketing techniques, and so on.

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Because the subject matter is either routine or familiar or your readers, the one-line referral in the memo heading serves as the introduction.

Arrange points for impact

The standard of the memo-report are revealed listed below in a traditional plan.

• Memo heading: To, From, Date, Subject.

• Source of the assignment: identification of the department head or superior who suggested or authorized the report (normally the person to whom you address your memo-report).

• Statement of the problem: a discussion of the background or status of the subject, a summary of the consequences of not taking action, and a reference to the scope and purpose of the report.

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• Main points: introduced by headings.

• Summary and conclusions.


Any informal report can be developed in the letter-report format: a report on estimates for repairs or services, proposals for supplying a service or product, and updates on achievements, and so on.

Arrange points for impact

The standard parts of letter-reports are shown below in a conventional arrangement.

• Inside address
• Salutation
• Source the assignment
• Statement of the problem
• Main points
• Recommendations
• Complimentary close

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