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The world has changed immensely over the last five years alone. To consider what the world would be like without someone’s smartphone, or tablet, or laptop would be completely mind-blowing to most individuals today. In the technological and computer world today there are many terms, systems, and products that many people may not be familiar with. Throughout this paper, the discussions of the many differences between what a server, a desktop, and a laptop are and what they individually do will be the main focus of discussion.

In order to understand the differences between servers, desktops, and laptops a person must first understand what each of the different types of equipment pieces is. The first to be discussed will be the server. A server is considered to be a “computer dedicated to providing one or more services to other computers or devices on a network.”

A network is considered to be a collection of different computers and devices that are all centrally connected as one.

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Servers can come in different sizes depending on what a person or business is looking for as well. It is important to understand that servers are used for storing content as well as “controlling access” to different types of software and resources that are found on a network. The second piece of equipment that is important to understand in the technological world is the desktop. A desktop which can also be called a desktop computer is typically used for personal use. The desktop is considered to be a stationary appliance which in turn means that it stays in one place, typically on a desk or on a table top.

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With most desktops, there is a computer screen which is considered the “display device” as well as a separate tower that contains the “processing circuitry.” Another form of the desktop is called the all in one desktop which does not contain a separate tower but uses one complete piece of equipment that has both a display setting, as well as a processing circuit, combined.

A desktop computer is a great appliance for at home use, for schools and even in libraries. Lastly, another important piece of equipment in the technology world that is very commonly used in our society today is the laptop. The laptop is considered to be a “notebook computer.” The importance of this piece of equipment is that it is designed to fit on a person’s lap and is a very easy device to travel with as well. Laptop computers can have many different features that make each one of them unique; from smaller to larger keyboards, webcams, touch screen, and even decent speakers to have a good sound system are some of the important features that a person may look for when purchasing a laptop. The easy transportation and compact features of the laptops can be considered to be a huge reason for their success in technology today.

Now that the discussion of what a server, a desktop, and a laptop really are it is important to focus on the differences of the three pieces of technology. Desktop computers usually run from a user- friendly type of operating system whereas servers basically perform only the tasks the server is programmed to do. Another difference between a desktop and server is that the server typically offers more of a variety of different features and types of hardware that would not usually be found in a basic desktop computer. Servers are also typically used for business and large corporations whereas a desktop computer is used for personal use in homes or for use in schools and libraries.

Lastly, it is important to understand what the differences, although few, between a desktop and laptop, are. One of the biggest differences and even advantages the laptop has over the desktop computer is its portability. Laptops are much smaller than a desktop is and also requires less equipment than a desktop may require. Desktops can require different types of wires in order to connect a keyboard, a mouse, or even to get connected to the internet, whereas in a laptop you have a touchpad mouse and keyboard in one as well as the ability to connect to a wireless network. The advantages and differences of the desktop computer are considered to be: better graphics and sound systems, as well as the feature of not having to worry about if your desktop will lose its charge due to not being plugged in all the time.

In conclusion, with technology rapidly expanding it is becoming increasingly important to understand what the differences and advantages are of the different products that are out there and offered to consumers. It is important to be educated in these types of details to understand that what may be the best technological fit for you might be different from another person. With technology continuing to expand and adapt a person must continue to expand and adapt their knowledge to these new systems as well. Even knowing the slightest differences in servers, desktops, and laptops could always help someone down the road when they decide to purchase a piece of equipment for themselves.

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