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Essay on Symbolism

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Symbolism of The Boat by Alistar MacLeod

Symbolism is a very evident throughout “The Boat” in many different forms. It has been used to provide evidence of a fathers struggle to empower his children to a life beyond the sea. His inevitability causes him to push his children to see the world the way he never did, but at the same time his obligation to his wife and her narrow way of life causes a set back to his goal ...

Boat: Symbolism in Never Let Me Go

The boat was once a life saver and guardian but now it is wrecked and is of no use. The donors too will face the same fate of the boat; they will save lives and die alone. Perhaps that’s why it is very popular object among the donors. The boat is a powerful symbol in the novel because even though it represents protection, and survival, if broken and abandoned it becomes a symbol of loneliness, n...

Examining Christian Symbolism in “A White Heron”

Sylvia is only a nine year old girl. Many of her views will be highly influenced by others, but she has the purest mind and heart, and she listened to the voices of nature, as well as her inner conscience when deciding that she could not tell the whereabouts of the white heron. I find the sexual symbolism believed by other critics to be senseless. Those impure views take away the purity of the the...

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The Use of Symbolism within Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye

In conclusion, the use of symbolism is greatly used in The Catcher in the Rye. Holden’s red hunting hat represents Holden’s uniqueness that allows him to be different from the people around him. His image of the catcher in the rye and the cliff symbolizes playful childhood and deathly adulthood and how Holden wants to protect the childhood of younger children. The “fuck you” signs become a...

Symbolism of the Setting of "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

This obsession is because of her being isolated in the bedroom, which ties back to the entire room being a prison for the narrator. In further description of the paper, it is described that “at night in any kind of light...it becomes bars...and the woman behind it is as plain as can be” (Gilman 92). As we can see, the paper is being used to symbolize imprisonme...

Noli Me Tangere Cover Symbolism

He is the real father of María Clara and an enemy of Crisóstomo's father, Rafael Ibarra. * Pilosopo Tasyo - is another major character in the story. Seeking for reforms from the government, he expresses his ideals in paper written in a cryptographic alphabet similar from hieroglyphs and Coptic figures hoping "that the future generations may be able to decipher it" and realized the abuse and oppr...

Distinctively Visual

Ramon Tong’s ‘African Beggar’ utilises distinctively visual language techniques to create and perceive a relationship with the persona and his world and therefore understand the challenges he faces. The metaphor ‘a heap of verminous rags and matted hair’ is used to establish an image of a ‘thing’ rather than a human as ‘verminous’ is usually associated with flies and ‘matted h...

Symbolism and Magical Realism of Gabriel Marquez

Faulkner, Tom. "An overview of 'A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,'." Gale Online Encyclopedia. Detroit: Gale, 2013. Literature Resource Center. Web. 5 Nov. 2013. "Gabriel Garcia Marquez." Contemporary Authors Online. Detroit: Gale, 2010. Literature Resource Center. Web. 5 Nov. 2013. Gabriel García Márquez, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, pages 590-594 in Compact Literature: Reading, ...

Symbolism of the Paralysis of the Irish Church in “Araby”

to perceive the church as being in a spiritual paralysis, a view that he makes clear through imagery and symbolism throughout the story of “Araby.” Not only does Joyce use symbols, but he also draws parallels between the life of the narrator and his own as a child, and uses this desire and disappointment felt by the narrator to express the desire and disappointment that he felt toward his reli...

Symbolism in The Jade Peony

Grandmother treasured the jade peony, because she had lived the majority of her life in China and to her it would always be home. In addition, to the Chinese, the peony was regarded as a national flower. The same applied to jade that the historically prized was above gold and silver in Chinese’s mind. So grandmother might regard them as a symbolic reminder of their Chinese heritage and cultural ...

Symbolism Analysis of the Swimmer

His legs felt rubbery and ached at the joints” (254). Neddy also felt depressed and saw the water as being “dark” (254). Time had passed as Neddy swam from pool to pool and as he visited and spoke with friends they were sorry for him. He arrived to Mrs. Halloran’s pool and she spoke of his “misfortune” (254). He could not remember selling his house or his children’s trouble and thoug...

Literary Elements in a Book Slaughterhouse-Five

The theme addressed by this short story is that nobody is completely sure of what is going on, and somebody else such as God must be in charge, thus, there is no free will. Many themes are addressed in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, like the denunciation of the metanarratives popularized during war, the disagreement with the legitimacy of the destruction of war, the horribleness of ...

A passage to India - Symbolism

The Mosque serves as a place in his heart which no one can take it, the place where his mind and soul can rest and be at ease. With all tensions with British in India and the way the religions were colliding leading to multiple ideas, the educated were starting to question the olden ways of the religion. Here the attachment to Mosque and its symbolism provided not only a sense of how the religion ...

Symbolism of "The Management of Grief"

Mrs. Bhave is assigned to an older couple who have lost their son and are starting to lose everything else because they are keeping up hope of him coming home. She tries to help Judith by getting the couple to sign to get help from the provincial government but finds out that that isn’t her mission in Toronto. This couple helps her realize that it’s okay to live for you loved ones even if they...

Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee : Analysis? Symbolism

Truly, questioning if he did the right thing! This is one of the reasons why Do the Right Thing is still such a powerful film. The questions it raises, while still potent, also still elude us, especially in the wake of the Rodney King riots, and other acts of police brutality and racial unrest in America. The film itself is dedicated to such victims of police brutality as Eleanor Bumpers and Micha...

Symbolism In English literature--"Gravity"

By showing us this, the story conveys a message to the readers that even though life is violable like the fragile crystal bowl; it doesn't mean that we should give up. Instead, we should look at the positive side of life. Just like the crystal bowl also heavy and strong side, human lives also have a strong side because very one have instinct for living. Therefore, we should have faith to ourselve...

Symbolism in the house of bernada Alba

Amelia— From Latin and Old German for "industrious": Hebrew: "labor of God" Martirio—"martyrdom" Angustias—"anguishes" or "torments" Adela—from the Spanish verb "adelantar" meaning "to go forward" or "to overtake". Adela is the character in the story fighting to move forward in life and overcome the oppression she is faced with. Magdalena—The Spanish name of Mary Magdalene. Also believ...

Symbolism and characterization in “everyday use”

It is at this point that Walker’s message becomes obvious. It is not the quilts that are important, it is the quilting. Dee believes heritage to be as tangible as a quilt on the wall or a quaint butter churn in the alcove. She is aware the items are hand made by her ancestors, nevertheless remains unaware of the knowledge and history behind them. Mama and Maggie know the traditions and history b...

The Functions of Symbolism in Literature

The archetypal symbol of the color, white, projects neutrality. It also represents America staying neutral while the other parts of the world were full of wars and death. People in the wars are ambitious and cruel is another societal backgrounds and that the story wants to show. Cisneros, O’Connor, and Poe’s simple, yet profound literary works continue to dazzle readers today. They symbolize t...

The Elegy for The Giant Tortises Poetry Analysis

Ironically we showcase and “symbolize” the giant tortoises after the fact that they have previously been at their highest point, life, and we ignored their elegance and even existence. Atwood does not quite follow the rules of an elegy because she writes about the sad life of the giant tortoises and writes little of their death; therefore, making “The Elegy for The Giant Tortoises,” the mo...

Symbols of Hope in Shawshank Redemption Movie

Spoken of more frequently when Andy becomes closer to escape, it represents freedom because it is seen as a place only visited in dreams, where it holds endless opportunities to explore, opportunities that only a free man can take advantage of. With Andy’s endless patience, fueled by hope, his dreams of visiting would have been considered unimaginable to any of his inmates. To him, it evolved in...

Catcher in the Rye ducks in the pond Symbolism Essay

Holden’s changing from school to school is almost cyclical, as is the migration and the return of the ducks when the pond returns to its original state. Ultimately, Holden finds himself trapped in a state of longing for his childhood, his frequent use of alcohol and cigarettes and sense of maturity, all a façade, masking his yearning for a life of innocence and honesty. “ It was partly frozen...

Swaddling Clothes

Symbolism is a much-used and effectively-used tool in “Swaddling Clothes”. Through his portrayal of his characters and the setting, Yukio Mishima illustrates the bleak future that he feels Japan will face, due to the increased ‘westernization’ of the country. The symbols that he uses throughout the story help to show the readers that he feels Japan is losing its honour due to the increasin...

Newspaper article

Most of the men who fought in Vietnam were in their late teens and early twenties—they were children, students, and boyfriends who had no perspective on how to rationalize killing or come to terms with their friends’ untimely deaths. From the beginning, O’Brien the author uses explicit details to illustrate what the experience was like for the scared men. Among the things the men carry are g...

Symbolism in Blake's poetry

He mentions a tiger it becomes a symbol of God’s power in creation, his lamb turns out to be a symbol of suffering innocence and Jesus Christ and his tree is symbolic of anger and desire to triumph over enemies; the dark side of human nature. Symbolism is the main trait of William Blake as a dramatist as a poet and this has been well-crystallized in his legendary work, ‘The Songs of Innocence ...

The Portable Phonograph - Paradox, Symbolism, and Irony

‘The Portable Phonograph’ is a story of a dark time, but these four men somehow manage to find something to sustain as well as entertain them. This, however, never changes the dark mood. The use of specific literary devices enhances the comprehension for the reader and makes the story more captivating. The descriptive narrative provides an understanding of hiddenintentions that lay underneath ...

Symbolism in: Welding with Children

The symbolism of the bible introduces by the author explain how the grandfather wanted to capture a time to ask the children if their mothers never read the bible to them, “ Does your mammas ever talk to y’all about, you know, God?” T. Gautreaux, Welding with children” the grandfather wanted to change their education by reading them the story of the bible, weld himself with the children gi...

Katherine Mansfield's Short Story Miss Brill

She calls them "odd, silent and nearly all old...and they looked as though they had just come from dark little rooms or even - even cupboards". Trying to keep her mid of the elderly people, Miss Brill convinces herself of her importance in this grand play and that "no doubt, somebody would have noticed is she hadn't been there". When the young couple seated beside her begin to talk, Miss Brill lis...

"Midsummer's Night Dream": Themes, Symbolism, And Contrast

Symbols represent abstract ideas. In A Midsummer's Night Dream, Theseus and Hippolyta represent order. The realm they rule over is that of reason. Oberon and Tatiana rule over a dream realm that symbolizes mystery and uncertainty. The love potion symbolizes the fickle nature of love. The play-within-a-play symbolizes a mirror held up to A Midsummer's Night Dream itself. In essence, the play is mak...

Orwell's use of symbolism in "1984"

Along the same lines, Winston's journal also acts as a symbol to illustrate his desire to rebel. Whereas doublethink symbolizes the psychological control Big Brother had on his people, the telescreens symbolize the physical control he had over his subjects. Orwell's main goal in writing 1984 was to warn future generations about the dangers of totalitarian governments. He effectively does so by inc...

Symbolism in "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison

According to Anne Seidlitz, who wrote in an introduction to the recent PBS documentary on Ralph Ellison, "Ellison" view [was] black and white culture were inextricably linked with almost every facet of American life influenced and impacted by the African-American presence?including music, language, folk mythology, clothing styles and sports.? Ellison?s paint metaphor represents the involvement of ...

The Great Gatsby: Symbolism in The Valley of Ashes

The Great Gatsby can be enjoyed by anyone. It's use of simple symbolism, such as the colour grey, and the eyes of Doctor T J. Eckleburg, are easy to understand and at the same time easy to relate to one's own life. The stark contrast between the valley of ashes and the Eggs, or New York is also easily related to every day life. Most of the issues addressed in this novel haven't gone anywhere, thou...

Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Birthmark"

Others, however, believed otherwise. "[They] affirmed that the bloody hand, as they chose to call it, quite destroyed the effect of Georgiana's beauty, and rendered her countenance even hideous." Yet still this opinion varies from Aylmer's because he did not think her hideous. Rather, he could not stop concentrating on her only flaw, while he alleged the rest of her to be attractive. Aylmer's view...

Symbolism in John Updike's "A & P"

The theme appears to be that life is a constantly branching path, that the choices we make have a price, and any choice can be both a blessing and a curse. Sammy has chosen a road less traveled, a freer, possibly more exciting and interesting life, one that rejects working-class routines and values. But he can't ignore the fact that he doesn't have a job, the girls are gone, and they would probabl...

Contrasting Imagery with Symbolism

The image of a cathedral is an image of something enormously strong, stable and at the same time beautiful and creatively artistic. The author uses imagery not only to create a mental portrait of the physical surroundings of the story, but also to breath life into the symbolism of the images that are created. The small amount of imagery that is used is very significant in that the imagery that is ...

Literary Devices in Cut Grass

The repeated reference to white also serves to show the two sides of death; while it is pure and innocent, it is also melancholy. By personifying death, Larkin shows that though one can evaluate death from different perspectives, it inevitably returns to the unfair and merciless nature of death. He also mentions "chestnut flowers," "white lilac," and "Queen Anne's lace," three white flowers, to re...

Weather Symbolism in Macbeth

Hectic weather is also used as a harbinger of disruption or attempted disruption of the chain of being. The witches prophesized that even though Macbeth was king, Banquo's sons would take the throne after him. This greatly disturbed Macbeth because he didn't want to go through the whole murder of Duncan so that Banquo's sons could be kings. So his next step in disrupting the chain was to murder Ba...

Symbolism: Branding and Advertising

The literature review will also reveal appropriate methodologies which will be used to confirm the correct approach, the review will not only cover the topic itself but also associated concepts, a source of theoretical ideas to help establish the conceptual context of the study. Importantly the literature review is more then just a simple review of the literature, it is a critical analysis of the ...

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