Sustainability and Quality of Organic Food

Sujata, S. et al (2013) studied that growth in the organic food industry is primarily driven by enhanced people's awareness of chemical contamination and usage in the production of non-organic food products. However, Organic products are procured without using any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Awareness of the ill effects of chemically produced food has deflected customers towards organic food usage. But, many factors like price, availability has ceased people expect health-conscious ones from purchasing an organic product. This research has investigated customers’ willingness to pay more prices for organic products.

Through data collection and interpretation it was revealed that almost all customers were willing to pay a premium for organic food. The will to pay more was derived from health consciousness. Few people dine mind to pay even 50% higher for organic products which reflect customers’ positive outlook towards organic products. Customers who look for quality and freshness have no hesitation to pay more for organic food, so the marketing of organic food should be focused on such customers.

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(Sujata, S. et al, 2013) This study has revealed a relationship between price and organic products’ demand. But the sample size was very small for representing such a wide issue.

Gomathi and Kalyani (2013) have tried to find out the awareness level in people and their sources of knowledge towards organic products. Erode focused research has also investigated various factors associated with organic food products. India has the huge perspective to take lead in the organic food market.

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The climatic conditions, huge agricultural lands, and old practice of organic farming add up to India’s potential in the International organic food market. General positive perception towards organic products is due to the non-usage of chemical and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Being environmentally friendly, healthy, and tastier add up to a positive attitude towards organic food products. But still low availability and high prices serve as an abstaining factor. Health consciousness, level of education, and demographics largely influence consumers’ behavior towards organic products. And it was also revealed that customers derives more satisfaction from organic food as compared to nonorganic foods. Health consciousness seems to exceed environmental conservation as a factor persuading customers to purchase organic food products. According to the research less than 50% of customers are aware about organic products, Education and age tough seems to be an influencing factor affecting awareness. (Gomathi & Kalyani, 2013) This research failed to cover many factors which influence customers behavior towards organic food products such as quality, packaging, and availability of substitutes.

Bharati, B. et al (2014), this research paper aims to investigate trends in buying behavior of urban citizens towards organic food products. With the growing awareness for conservation of environment, corporate saw an opportunity towards the marketing of organic food products. Organic foods are produced in accordance with production standards laid down by the government. Indian govt. has incorporated National Institute of Organic Farming, which in accordance with international standards establishes rules, regulations and certification system for production of organic food products. National Program for Organic Production contains all the rules and regulations pertaining to organic food production The Banglore based research tries to find out the effect of socio-cultural factors on peoples’ perception towards organic products. The study revealed that peoples are aware about Organic products’ benefits and availability, but were not seems to be loyal towards it. (Bharati, B. et al, 2014) This reasearch failed to encompass many aspects related to organic products like demographical factors, cost factors.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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