Support individual’s at the end of life

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Support individual’s at the end of life

Outcome 1: Understand the requirements of legislation and agreed ways of working to protect the rights of individual’s at the end of life.

When caring for a patient at the end of life, it can be very challenging and it requires consideration towards not only the patient but to the patient’s family too. When reaching end of life care, legal requirements are put in place to ensure the wishes of the individual and how they are cared for after death are properly documented. Such things could include; a DNR form, which identifies whether the patient would like to be resuscitated or not. Legal requirements also ensure the rights and wishes of the individual are respected even after death.

2) In my job role I would read the documentation that was present, and acknowledge the rights and wishes of the individual, including any religious beliefs to ensure they are cared for according to their wishes.

Outcome 2: Understand factors affecting end of life care.

2) Some individuals have their own cultural and religious beliefs that are important to them. Some believe they will be going on to another life or existence, others believe that death is the end of their existence. Some individuals may believe in certain rituals that need to be carried out as death approaches, others just want to make the most of their final days. Religious and cultural needs of an individual receiving end of life care may mean they feel the need to attend a place of worship, be visited by a faith leader or read holy books. The cultural needs to be considered of a person receiving end of life care may mean they might request a certain type of food(s), music or reading material, they may also have a preference for the way they wish to be addressed. All these things help influence the individual’s end of life care, also key people such as; family, friends and all those involved in providing care for the individual. Help influence end of life care as they show support, care and love. They abide by the wishes of the individual giving them reassurance, peace and comfort in their final days/hours.


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