Super Bowl Ads: Evolution and Success Strategies Unveiled

The television broadcast of the U.S National Football League (NFL) also known as the Super Bowl, consists of television commercials that are high profile, also called the Super Bowl ads. This event does not qualify to be the most viewed television event in the U.S but also qualifies as a major marketing and advertisement opportunity for various brands. This phenomenon is because the game has extremely high demographic viewership.

Airing commercials during A Super Bowl have attracted high prices due to the prominence the super bowl has too large populations.

This way, the coast has increased to the points where some organizations are not able to recover from the costs that are achieved even after making the advertisements.

Even though it seems that the adverts in the Super Bowls are in a sort of transition, the strategies and methods of advertising have changed over the years. There is a lot that has been achieved through the ads, especially by considering that, they are 30, seconds long.

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The ads have been improving nowadays to go beyond the primary advertising task to the creation of awareness in 30 seconds that they are aired.

In the past, various strategies that have been applied in the ads majorly include;

  1. Collaboration with high influencers, especially celebrities: Mostly, celebrities and famous icons have been used for the advertisement for brands, and this has led to the attraction of the celebrities' fans to adopt and use the brand that the celebrity is associated with.
  2. A major focus on contesting for popularity: Since the ads are given a limited time of 30 seconds, they want to use the time to create an ad that is popular with the existing ads.
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    This turned the whole advertising issue to a contest where each of the ads sought to be the most popular hence the brand that it represented would be popular as well.

  3. Humorous and entertaining: Most aspects of the ads strategized funnily putting across the ads by creating entertaining bits of the ads. Entertainment is crucial in attracting people from different backgrounds in a way that passes the main advertising message.

Comparing the past and the present situations have taken new direction and strategies. In the present-day ad creation, brands are not limited in the creation of funny, entertaining, and memorable ad pieces of 30 seconds. The change is attributed to the fact that the ads need to match the development of a series of ways that personalize, delve high touch explorations and lengthy immersions. The major changes that have pushed changes in these ads are the evolving world, competitive in nature, requires ads that deliver high impact experience to the targeted individuals, especially for the 30, seconds that it plays.

Success in the Super Bowl ads is achieved in different strategy applications. The identified successful strategies that various brands apply include;

  1. PRE & post-marketing of the Super Bowl: Making ads marketing before and after A Super Bowl is a strategy that has seen success. Execution of the ad minutes before the games and after the game help in increasing the attraction base of the brand being presented. A perfect example is the Puppy Love ad that received 36.2 million views before the game aired and online tweets after the game.
  2. Emotional marketing: This is telling a brand's story with real emotions using the brand background. This is aimed at creating a connection with the consumers and making them feel valued by the brand. Brands such as Budweiser, Chevy, and Honda have used this strategy successfully and stood out from the other ads that were running.
  3. Cross channels ads strategy: ads in the Super Bowl have been watched in other channels in different countries. Therefore, by incorporating other channels in the presentation of these ads, brands from Super Bowl ads find great potential in the achievement of intended goals or even surpass these goals.
Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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