Summary of Wine of Astonishment Essay

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Summary of Wine of Astonishment

1. This chapter opens in a subdued mood…the characters of this chapter are currently experiences hardship. One of the first characters encountered is Eva she is explaining to her eager and inquisitive children why they face such hardship, Eva as the chapter portrays is a woman of god she accepts situations as Gods test, she explained to her children and her husband bee who is also listening that good god lets them suffer because they are special and can bear it. Her son Reggie is getting older and has not qualified for a high school as yet, she laments to her husband bee to ask Ivan Morton the man who they campaigned and voted for help. Her husband bee refuses, nearing the end of the chapter Eva finds out that her son Reggie secretly applied to a high school and got through bee skeptical at first finally gave in and agreed to send him…at the end of the chapter a new unknown character appears and adds suspense and mystery to the chapter.

2. This chapter reveals the ersonality and identity of the mysterious character Bolo,bolo is a famed stick fighter,the best there is and a a well-known ladies man.Bolo’s pastime comes to an end after the carnival which included stickfighting was banned.this chaptr reveals that bolo has a thing for Eulalie this chapter also expresses the impact the American soldiers has on the residents of bonasse.the local residents refuse to farm and prefer to chase the yankee dollor by all means even by prostitution,this chnge upsets Bolo.bolo’s friend goes to port of spain andmakes something of himself and makes his village proud.

3. This chapter brigs to rise the racial strife present in Bonasse , and the antoganissts the Anglicans and Catholics are brainwashing the people thT the Spiritual Baptist are evil thus reducing its congregation.The narrator stresses on the fact that they have something to call their own a place to worship although secretly hidden outside of the the end they were criminals if they worship in that way. They don’t have freedom of religion.this chapter is told in a kind of Flashback.In this chapter Ivan Morton is eexposed as an immoral man because he impregnated bolo’sflame and then married someone else.The tension is raised when as a solulution bolo’s suggests killing the tyrant Police they disagreed with him and decided to wworship the legal way which they later observed didn’t make sense.this chapter closes in suspense after bee said he was going to break the law…

4. Bee is agitated that his two elsest children want to leave home.and the eldest Winston wanting to become a policeman Bee see this as betrayal because police are their main adversaries .he also forlorn because his eldest son winstonwas supposed to be his heir.hehas a mild confrontation and discussion in their garden with Eva. it is this that brings him to his ultimate decision to finally break the law which entails him and his congregation worshipping in their traditional way, they reuse to think about the law their main focus was to praise God in their way.while all this way going on Bolo was significantly absent

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