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Summary of Events

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During the observation of last five days, there were many events in which different people cooperated with me in different situations. At some points there was a conflict or competition as well in different situations where cooperation was not seen. The experiences showed how much I depend on other people’s cooperation. Such events of cooperation and competition were:


1. One day in college I was in a hurry to leave as my father was already waiting outside for long time and I had to submit a form to a teacher who was not available in the staffroom at the time.

It was not possible for me to wait for her. I told Aya baji about this and asked her about the teacher, she said you can give the form to me, I’ll handover to her when she comes.

2. Next day, I had to do wuzu for performing my prayer. I was worried where to place my bag before going to washroom as it was not safe placing anywhere and I couldn’t take it to washroom along.

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I was thinking what to do about it and suddenly my friend asked me what’s wrong with you, why are you not going, give your bag to me and come back quick.

3. On the same day, I had to pay my fee and the bank was about to close. The college ATM wasn’t working due to which I had to find one outside. I was hesitating to leave alone and my friend said she’ll come along.

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We went outside to many hospitals in search of ATM. There was heavy traffic outside and we were scared to cross the road. A traffic warden came and helped us to cross the road by stopping all the traffic. Next we went to one hospital and it was raining a bit too, there we found an ATM. I entered my card in that machine and it got stuck and didn’t work. As we were waiting for long inside there for the card to come out, a man knocked the door as he was waiting. He asked why you are taking too long, I told her that it’s not working and I got my card got stuck. He helped me and took my card out somehow. He guided us to another ATM there. This day was full of help and cooperation.

4. On the next day I was hungry in college and didn’t want to go to cafe, my friend favored me and brought biscuits for me.

5. I was not feeling well and had a lot to do. I had assignments, tests and all to do. My clothes for college were also not ironed. After completing my work, I was going to iron my clothes and my sister told me that has already done that as I was busy and was not feeling well.

6. I went to the market for some grocery. After completing my shopping, I paid at the counter. When I took all the bags and was leaving, I suddenly dropped my wallet down and was unable to pick it up due to a number of things I was already holding. A man came and picked it up for me. He insisted and took few bags from me and accompanied me to the car.

7. Next day, I went to a book store to get some books. While searching for the desired books, I dropped down some of the books that were arranged on the shelf. I was unable to arrange them back in order and was feeling ashamed. A boy came and helped me arranging the books.

8. One of my teacher gave us an assignment which included some videos that we were supposed to bring in form of a CD. I copied the videos in the CD at home but in college the CD wasn’t playing those videos. The submission time was near and I was worried what to do. A girl from the class said that I should copy them in her CD and should tell ma’am that I have my folder in her CD due to some technical issues.

9. On the same day, I had to get print of my assignment and the printing line was too long. My class was about to start. My friend asked me to mail my assignment to her and she’ll get it printed with her assignment.


1. The day I went to washroom for wuzu, I requested a girl to give me space as all the sinks were busy and she was just standing to use mirror for makeup. I asked her to let me use the sink for a minute to do wuzu. She said no, I’m already getting late, so you can use after I leave.

2. On the same day, when I came back from the ATM to pay the fee at bank. Line was too long and I had my class in next few minutes. I requested one girl to let me pay as I have a test. She clearly refused and said that you should have come early.

3. Next day, in a class I was finding an empty chair in the front row to sit. I found one on which someone placed her bag. Before I could request her to take that chair, she said it’s not mine, someone is sitting here. When the lecture started, I observed and realized that it was her bag but she didn’t want to place the bag on her chair so she refused.

4. Next day when I had to get print of my assignment, there was a girl standing in line. It was her turn to get print and she was having some technical issue to login her mail. After waiting for some time, few girls and I requested her that if she is facing some problem, she should try it later as we are waiting from so long. She said no, until I don’t get it resolved I’ll not go as I can’t come here again and again.

5. When I went to the computer lab for copying my videos in my friend’s CD, the teacher there didn’t allow us to use to computer and said that your assignments are to be made at home.

6. In the corridor, few girls were sitting outside a classroom and they were making noise. I asked them not to do that as there is class taking place. The girls didn’t bother and kept on laughing loudly.

Discussion Questions

Q1. Did you encounter more situations that involved cooperation or competition?

Ans. I countered more situations that involved cooperation.

Q2. Was there some particular day on which you found a very high (or low) number of

events in either situation? If so, can you account for it?

Ans. Yes, on day two, I faced more events with high cooperation situations. It was because of

more exposure and the events were out of routine. It was not the usual routine matter. New people were part of it.

Q3. As you counted the situations each day, or while you were taking notes

during this activity, did it influence the kind of situation you were in?

Ans. Well, it didn’t influence the kind of situation much because I wasn’t conscious enough to

note down the things that very moment.

Q4. Did performing this activity make you more aware of how often you are involved in each type of situation?

Ans. Yes, I really realized how much I am involved in such situations and how much people

cooperate with you making you quite dependent on them.

Q5. Were you surprised at the number of times you were involved in either situation?

Ans. Yes I was surprised generally that how people who don’t even know us well, they do help

us. It shows the humanity in them and about the ones who know me, I realized that they

themselves are very helpful and maybe I’m also good to them for which they sometimes help me likely.

Q6. If you had this many situations in which you cooperated or competed over a 5-day

period, how many would you have in a year during your lifetime?

Ans. Well, honestly the cooperation situations and competition situations will be almost same.

There will be less difference as all type of people are around you generally but I believe

cooperation situations will be a little more as per this experience. The reason can be that I

might have good people more which I know already and I spent time with. Also, I believe

it depends on your nature relationship with others and I do have good terms with others, so

my cooperation situations will be almost near to double of competition situations

depending on the observance of five days above.

Q7. As you become older, would you expect to have more or fewer such situations? Why?

Ans. The situations will not have a great difference in future as the person itself make it happen.

If I myself don’t change much and people who are close to me, they also stay, the

situations will stay the same. Even if the difference comes, it will be for a short time due to

new people in new places you travel for a certain time period.


In some situations, cooperation is dominant, whereas in others, competition is. Factors such as personalities of the individuals, volume of communication, size of the group, and reciprocity of actions determine whether individuals compete or cooperate in a social situation.

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