Against Constitutional Amendments Making English Official Language

Hispanics and Latinos being mistreated didn't just begin fifty years ago in 1968 where LA High School students protested and fought to get rid of physical punishments for speaking spanish is class. Latino and Hispanic discrimination largely begins in 1848, when anti Latino prejudice led to illegal deportations, school segregation and even lynching. .Hispanics and Latinos were beat and thrown in jail for their rights, trying to prove that their language and culture is just as important and valuable than any other including English.

States should not consider constitutional amendments making English the official language because it fuels racism, creates language barriers within businesses, and encourages discrimination in schools.

Sub 1- Racism and hate crimes will be encouraged if the United States makes English the official language. In his article posted in the LA Times “The ‘English’ nativist movement comes with a cost” program director in the department of spanish and portuguese Roberto Rey Argudo addresses the problems that come with the English Only Movement and how the movement has or will cause an increase in hate crimes.

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Argudo cites incidents involving discrimination against spanish speakers, One involving a candidate for secretary of state in Arizona wanting the government to stop giving ballets in Spanish, meaning they want to take away the right of voting from non- english speakers. Another taking place at a Dunkin Donuts in Baltimore where a sign was put up offering customers a free cup of coffee if they report spanish speaking employees. This just shows how the policy that is trying to be passed encourages not only individual people but businesses as well to openly discriminate against non english speakers.

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Counter Argument 1- Those who support the English Only movement believe having spanish speaking minorities learn and only speak English will benefit them socially. Crystal Lombardo's opinion article “ Pros and Cons of English Only movement” published in Vision Launch states that from the million of immigrants living in the U.S and the increasing number, it will be beneficial for them to only speak English because they must know basic knowledge living in the U.S. “There are millions of immigrants living in the country...So if they want to live in the U.S., they must have basic knowledge on how to speak English.”

Updated: May 03, 2023
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