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Starbucks' Strategies and Marketing Environment

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Every company needs a successful marketing strategy in order to ensure that the business is conducted in a socially ethical way. Building strong relationship is an important factor to maintaining a company’s sustainability, which involves a wide range of activities such as working with local communities, responsible investment, improving relationship with customers and employees, and consideration on environmental impacts. To depict a practical model of a potential strategy execution, Starbucks is an example of sustainable strategy along with initiative planning and effective management.

Theoretical Background

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self-regulation incorporated into a business model which assures the company’s social accountability to its stakeholders and the public. The view of Corporate Social Responsibility was limited to philanthropy, then switched to the emphasis on relations in business society that referred to the contribution provided for solving social issues. In the new form of CSR, social performance was bonded with market performance. Oliver Sheldon advocated management to economize and use the available resources efficiently and effectively in order for business to both create wealth in society and provide better living standard CITATION Bic03 l 1033 (Bichta, 2003).

Human Resource Strategies

Starbucks was originated in Seattle and has grown to 27,339 retail locations worldwide CITATION Num19 l 1033 (Number of Starbucks Stores Globally, 1992-2018, 2019). Unlike other companies, Starbucks’ employees are considered as “partners” and offered special trainings in order to develop a better understanding of new methods and techniques in sales. Human resource management policies adopted by the company reflects its strong commitment in valuing the human resource.

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Marketing Environment

Positioning is the core to define and modify the characteristics of a company’s products. As a response to the logistically planned Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, in 2014 Starbucks opened its first “community store” in Korea to address the social needs across the country while offering opportunities to young people who seeks to get involve in the economy CITATION Sta14 l 1033 (Starbucks, 2014).

Management Practices

Starbucks delivers its brand value by carrying out the product management for value creation, customer management for passing the value to the customers, and branding management for the communication of these values. One of the contributors to Starbucks’ success is how its operations management uses various productivity criteria. It has premium design for its products and services, and uses the premium eccentric in quality management. Starbucks’ location strategy and the layout design of each branch pushes workflow efficiency to the peak. Its HRM also incorporates organizational culture in all business areas with the addition of the global supply chain.


Starbucks is a great example of company that plans logical strategies and implements effectively. Rather than just strictly sticking to the CSR strategy, Starbucks takes the time to measure, evaluate its program, and bend in to adapt with any kind of circumstances a business may face. Starbucks is the proof that a well-organized CSR program leads to huge success of the business.


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