Specifications of the Analysis on the Nutritional Values of McDonalds Food

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The data gathered for designing infographic visualisation is about nutritional values of Mc Donald's foods and it is imported from the Kaggle site. The dataset contains various nutrients hidden in Mc Donald's foods in terms of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins etc. It is a well know fast food store initiated in America in 1940. Around 37,699 stores are located in 120 countries and employing approximately 375,000 people. Every day nearly it serves for 68 million customers by maintaining a brand name through providing the healthiest foods as well as excellent customer satisfaction.

The dataset was collected from below specified path to design infographics, that would grab the readers to visualise data more graphically to get the insights instantly.


Firstly, Process of creating infographics was commenced with gathering Mc Donald’s Nutrition Menu data from the Kaggle source. Once data was downloaded in Excel CSV format, the first step is cleaning the data by removing the null values and empty cells using Excel shortcuts.

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Tableau software was used to analyse the data and in turn to show the outcomes and some graphs were built in Excel itself. In this Infographics three charts were designed; one bar chart was used to show the percentage of carbohydrates hidden in the foods and beverages. And other bar chart presents the daily value of proteins and pie chart depicts the information about calories present in the meals and other eatable things of Mc Donald’s. To edit the graphs and other images Paint 3D tool was used to resize the screenshots and pictures according to the layout.

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One of the essential part of these process is to design an effective infographic, Canvas software was used to build this info-visualisation. It is one of the best online Infographic tools to design the infographics with drag and drop method. This software provides millions of images and icons related to number of domains and manually normal images and screenshots can be uploaded from local system and from Internet. In this stage only, the layout and background colour and other specifications can be finalised according to the theme of the infographics. Some icons were extracted from the third party resources such as Google search engine and from the Mc Donald’s official site. Finally, the images and icons are represented according to the layout selected and text content was displayed using text boxes from the Canvas. At last the infographics can be saved and directed to both jpg and pdf formats.


The info strives to show the nourishment values of Mc Donald's foods and beverages. The story associated with the infographics is seeking to present the various nutritious values present in various fast foods and drinks in terms of calories, proteins, and dietary fibres etc. This infographic created in a way to present information by dividing into header, body and footer sections. Header block holds information about the title of the infographics with Mc Donald's official logo. The body part is sub-divided into three parts to represent the outcomes with as much information and the footer section contains the source of the dataset and credentials of the info creator.

Firstly, Header block shows the title of the infographics with Mc Donald's official logo and to represent the theme of the info a burger symbol is displayed with showing calories. Secondly, the main body part is sub-divided into three portions as mentioned earlier. First sub-part of body shows the number of carbohydrates presented in the various junk foods, shakes and other beverages in bar chart format. carbohydrates are compulsory part of any diet and it gives strength to the body and it is considered as the best source of many vitamins and minerals. Among all items, the foods with chicken and shakes with chocolate flavour contain a high number of carbs which is nearly 450 and 350 carbs.

Second sub-part contains the information about the foods that produce a large number of vitamins and proteins. The bar chart depicts the number of proteins available in different categories of Mc foods such as breakfast, chicken and fish, beef and pork. Breakfast items such as Double Sausage & Egg Mc Muffins, Breakfast rolls, Cheese Toastie and Bacon & Cheese Toastie etc contains a bulk number of proteins. Chicken & Fish items also produce a high number of proteins around 700 grams whereas beef and pork substituents give 400 grams. Proteins are very important for building bones and muscles. In the case of vitamins, non-veg items generate a huge number of vitamins around 25-30 per cent of vitamins are available in daily value of Mc foods. Vitamins are very essential to the growth of the body and they are the source of minerals like calcium, iron, sodium and potassium.

Third sub-part of main body contains the calories information present in the various Mc foods and beverages and represented in the form of a pie chart. Several categories of items are occupied in the chart with different proportions. As mentioned earlier non-veg items generate a high number of proteins as well as calories. Other than that, smoothies & shakes, coffee & teas will also produce a great number of calories which is approximately 500 calories. Generally, fat is the major portion in calories, but those calories are an essential energy source to the body. Mostly, the items such as burgers, sand witches with combination of green vegetables and non-veg sources like chicken, fish, beef and pork contains tremendous number of calories. Scientifically it was proved that, the time it takes to burn off junk food, men would require to finish 40 minutes of cardio and 54 minutes of weight lifting while women need 49 minutes of cardio and 63 minutes of weight lifting to combat the calories in Mc foods.

Lastly, the footer section contains the source of the dataset and credentials of the creator of Infographics.


The main objective behind developing this infographic-visualisation is to bring awareness to the people about the nutrition values of Mc Donald's foods and beverages. Initially, the light red colour was used as background and the major portion of the graphics contain yellow colour which resembles Mc Donald's title as it contains yellow and red colour. And the green colour was used to represent the text boxes with yellow borders which refers to the nutrients required for body growth. The first bar chart shows the number of carbohydrates acquired from the Mc foods and it represented in light navy blue colour which matches the carbs colour in blood. Another bar chart depicts the proteins information which was represented in red colour. The thickness of the colour will reduce according to the declining rate of proteins. To represent the vitamins some third party, google images were used and shows the daily value percentage of vitamins and proteins. Lastly, the pie chart describes the proportion of calories in various Mc foods. In the chart, the colours are allocated according to the nature of the category of items. As it is a professional work, some funny images such as burgers and other foods images should not use but at the same time to make it interesting and to bring readers attention they are used in the design. The layout and style have chosen from the Canvas software and some other infographics icons.


Excel: Microsoft Excel 2010

By using excel, data was cleaned by removing messy data and charts were created to visualise the data.

Canvas: Online Infographic maker

It is one of the best infographic tools in online using drag and drop method. This software provides millions of images and icons and manually pictures can be uploaded into the software.

Tableau: Data Visualisation tool

It is a visualisation tool designed by Tableau software used to analyse the data and produce results in terms of visuals and provides deep insights by transforming data into graphical format. Tableau 2018.1 was used in this process of creating infographics.

Paint 3D: Microsoft tool to edit images

It is one of the Microsoft application used to crop and edit the pictures.


Overall, the process of designing infographics using Canvas software was pretty easy. Other than that Tableau and excel was used to create charts required to show the outcomes. Even though, difficulties are encountered at some stages of designing the infographic. Dataset was downloaded in csv format from source, when it was imported to tableau it was showing technical issues because of some messy data in the raw dataset. In excel by using some inbuilt functions such as Trim, Proper, and clean are used to clean the data. Another challenge is to design infographics effectively as well as professionally as this is connected to the nutrition value of Mc Donald's fast foods and beverages. This domain should not use silly and funny images but at the same time, it should make it effective and interesting. Multiple images were taken and replaced with other icons, changed fonts and colours number of time to show the outputs clearly. As this info-visualisation is deemed to be very attractive. to grab the reader's attention more number of food's images were used. Finally, the most complex stage of the process was the creativity skills needed in the representing graphics. It is not simple to present the bulk data into the pictorial format and also in a way which can be easy to understand to the reader and therefore the most important part of the process is to arrange the graphics and data effectively according to the layout.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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