Slavery in the Land of the Free Analysis

Take a second and image yourself or your family member or your friends or someone that you know being force to something against their will , someone being a slaves, well just as much it may sound unimaginable yes but the truth is even some peoples haven’t hear of it , there are actually peoples who lives that reality , Modern-day slavery is prevalent in American society in many invisible forms.

Usually, when we hear the word slavery we directly see images of peoples in chains and cages, which is not false at all but today it may not really be the case, with the evolution to this modern society even sense of slavery itself had to adapt to what we call today ‘Modern Slavery’, what is modern slavery actually? well it is not defined in terms of shackles and chains but forced labor, force criminality and any servitude obtained with threats deception or violence.

slavery is alive and well in many other places in the world and in the United States which is the land of free, but how? , well modern slavery is an issue that is often overlooked by Americans today, Just like Bales and Soodalter stated “For Most American slavery may not seem like a direct treat to civil right” well the fact is for most Americans mostly those who don’t decent from slaves don’t consider the topic of slavery as import because to them it is a subject that belongs mostly to the past , some feel a guilt for it and don’t want to give attention to and some are just not aware of the reality because of the different forms that it has adapted itself and Bales and Soodalter stated “The slavery that plaguing America today takes a different form but make no mistake, it is real slavery” but the fact is that he is that despite that it has been many years from the slavery of bondages that we commonly know , slavery has took a well different forms it is not like it was before yes but it has common effects and treatment, and even big multimillion

Enterprises maybe a part of it knowing and unknowing.

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, that is why it called modern slavery, Modern slavery takes different forms. Some slaves had to cultivate land, work on construction sites, take care of their masters’ houses or even prostitute themselves. In exchange, they receive a tiny salary, or nothing at all. They are victims of violence and cannot escape without endangering themselves. Modern slavery especially affects the poorest, the most vulnerable, the most fragile. Women and girls particularly. 7 out of 10 slaves are women victim of, forced marriage, forced labor for the purpose of sexual exploitation, and 1 out of 4 are children or teenagers being put in dangerous work for children and other worst forms of child labor. Migrants, those who have left their country in the hope of living and working in another, are sometimes enslaved, as in Libya. Some, from sub-Saharan Africa, south of the Sahara, are sold as slaves, while they wait to be able to go to Europe they are being abused of the dreams of a better life They come to search for a better life but end up in the wrong hands and they are being trafficked ,forced to labor, force to criminality and any servitude obtained by threats, deception and violence.

Even big multimillion Enterprises maybe a part of it knowing and unknowing, as a result, businesses face unfair competition from unscrupulous companies that profit from modern slavery. They can put pressure on them to cut wages or benefits. At the same time, governments are losing precious tax revenues as they face huge legal costs to prosecute cases of modern slavery money that could be invested in public services like education, health or public transport so Even if you are not a victim of modern slavery, you are still suffering the effects. this weak response to slavery is scandalous. The modern slave trade has become a billion-dollar industry and human beings are traded. Not only is the justice system weak, but so are churches, private charities, and individuals. Most are not even aware of this scourge of injustice, and very few take steps to stop the trade or help the slaves.

Like for examples make peoples more aware of the situations, through school or group gathering like Have you ever heard of modern slavery in school? The history lessons may have included the horrible practice of slavery; however, it was probably seen as something that was very ‘in the past’. But slavery still exists, and it is the daily reality of millions of people. Courageous educators are needed to raise awareness of the difficult, overwhelming, and invisible reality of modern slavery.

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