Skin Bleaching Essay

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Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching Is the act of using chemical means to lighten the skins complexion. It is said to be one to enhance one’s physical appearance. Skin bleaching is a social issue faced by many Jamaicans . The epidemic started several years ago due to racism . Blacks where seen as inferior amongst whites and thought that bleaching the skin would allow them to be just as worthy as people of lighter complexion. The ancestral pattern combined with modern prejudices are what has made skin bleaching popular. Racism still exists. Even in Jamaica we have racism being portrayed in our schools work places and homes. The issue is contributed to by many factors. The most prevalent one being marginalization of black people. It is being recognized that individuals of a lighter complexion are granted more opportunities and are granted more opportunities and are emulated by society, forcing people of a dark complexion to yearn to be in that lime light. Skin bleaching is also normally as a result of poor self image.

People tend to focus on other’s appearance , and how other’s see them. They normally see the dark skin as unappealing and pale skin as desirable. Others may just believe that members of the opposite sex are generally attracted to individuals of a lighter and more flawless complexion. People also bleach their skin since it is vogue. Especially by teenagers who find it very important to keep up with all the current popular practices. Seeing a lot of people doing it may encourage others to do it also since it is becoming a trend. They may be encouraged by peers media or the environment in which they live. Most young boys and girls use skin whitening products so that they can receive a good status in their group family and society.

Other people bleach their skin in order to get rid of hyperpigmentations , especially people engaged in an open and media related occupation such as modeling and acting. The flaws and unbalanced skin tone forces them to use skin whitening methods to rid of them and even skin tone, which will make them more attractive to the audience. During the process of skin bleaching thin layers of the epidermis are slowly removed. This causes the skin to be extremely sensitive to the sun’s uv rays. This may cause the individual to become prone to skin cancer. The person may start to experience mild burning, stretch marks, stinging, large wounds swelling and thinning of skin and Neurological and kidney damage due to the high level of mercury in the creams.

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