Singing Valley Resort Competitive Strategy

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A. According to analysis of the five forces of the Singing Valley market, we list some assumptions for their business:

1. Bargaining power of customers: Since the Singing Valley’s auto email system had a negative influence in the market. Customers will be able to get a cheaper budget since the company has to make up the “hurt” which they did to client.
2. Threat of substitutions: Customer who had complained to Singing Valley can choose other places for vocation, like Yosemite, Hawaii, etc.

3. Bargaining power of suppliers: The reduce of number of customers will cause the reduce of supply, including food, gas, service, etc. Actually, it has a weak force for suppliers, because the Singing Valley has to use these resources to maintain the operation.
4. Threat of new entrants: If there was a new resort move into the Colorado Mountain, it’s going to be a strong force for Singing Valley resort, because the new resort is an alternative place for customers.

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5. Rivalry: The example of strong force is the other resort which located in the same place in Colorado Mountain, and the weak strong force come from the other location’s resorts.

B. The statement of Singing Valley’s competitive strategy is increasing their revenue by promoting subsidiary business. For instance, hiking, fishing, skiing, etc.

C. The result of our group’s is Singing Valley Resort did not have an organized and complete information system, and that is why the auto email system made a lot of information mistakes to customers.

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In this case, Sing Valley Resort should rebuilt their information collection system and Timely information update system to make sure that each customer’s information is correct and up to date all the time.

E. The Singing Valley already have a targeted approach to increase revenue. But they did not get the point to promote it for their product. The biggest problem is the communication with their customers. The problem is come from the automated email system. They must be acquainted with the operation process, the management history, the political and legal environment of an enterprise. They can not send email unceremonious like sending some new exercise programs to disabled. They did not using their resources which is come from the long run. They have regular customers, but they traded them like a new customer. *For idea one, the email system is not bad, but they need to optimize the system within the resources that they already get. Old customers’ information is a big resource, they need to using it. Made new customers become old customers and send them targeted email. Then they need to do is recording the customers’ data and real-time uptake it, no matter it is old customer or new customer, all made them become old customers.

*The second idea is the easy one, just distribute all customer a pamphlet, the pamphlet include all exercise and health food, customers can select the program with their hobby and their physical condition.

F. For idea one, the Singing Valley can make a very big customer resource. And the customer will feel intimate. And this idea will not invasion of customers’ privacy. But is will be a little overelaborated.

For idea two, it is very easy to put it into effect, and it will not invasion of customer’s privacy too. But it is not good for long-term economic development. I think the idea is good than idea two, because it is good for long-term development. And it have no bad point for all customer.

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Singing Valley Resort Competitive Strategy

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