Shakespeare's King LearShakespeare is globally regarded as one of

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Shakespeare's King Lear

Shakespeare is globally regarded as one of the most interesting and creative writers, as well as a storyteller. His stories are always appealing, entertaining, and in some instances, confusing, and the story of King Lear is among the ones that end up perplexing the audience. Shakespeare takes us through the life of King Lear as that which is filled with love and forgiveness, moments of grace, and the awakening of souls, reconciliation, and senseless horror. The author allows his audience to picture situations that are filled with the bliss of eternity, which is also horrific to be faced or addressed.

In the story, the author controls the audience's emotions by making them come up with questions such as if no individual can be forgiven apart from the dead, and whether it is right for the enemies to be put to death. An example is this is shown when Lear's daughter kicks him out after getting a share of his wealth.

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Shakespeare evolves the tragedy from a simple ritual into an art, and with time, it turns out to be a stylized complex yet individualized technique. The audience is forced to have certain expectations of the reign and era of King Lear in reference to the events. Again, the end of the story is entirely the opposite of what the audience expected or even imagined how it would, hence, bringing about some disappointments and confusion. Shakespeare takes us through the story as if it's a rollercoaster from starting with giving away his throne to still pretending to be the king.

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Therefore, Shakespeare's denial of an ending which strongly supports the idea of good triumphing over evil might challenge the audience whether there is a pessimism of strength. In addition, the events in the story inquire whether there is an intellectual preference for what is awful, hard, as well as problematic or even owing to the well-being of the fullness of existence. Shakespeare force audiences to learn through his play that yes evil wins over good and that is shown countless times repeatedly through most of his plays. In this play all I have seen is hope of good winning than being taken away. The end to me was the most tragic part where finally you see king Lear seeing who has stood by him and he sees his youngest daughter die. Her death makes him realize how wrong he was, but it was too late. I wished for the ending to be where the king realizes his other daughters' evil doings and kicks them out only to keep the plays ones by his side.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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