Seeking Answers on Self-Respect: A Professional Writers Perspective

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The text “On self-respect in amazing to me because it is an answer that I am seeking at this stage of my life. The question I am now facing is the relationship between character, self-respect, and personal responsibility. Joan Didion says, “character – the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life – is the source from which self-respect springs. ” I am in my senior year and I now understand the importance of responsibility.

With a good character and with a strong sense of personal responsibility, I have learn to respect what I am doing to apply for college and I have also learned to respect those who are trying their best to help me in the process of college application.

This essay portrays the knowledge I have recently gained perfectly. Responsibility comes from a good personal character and a good personal character leads to success in respecting the work oneself is doing.

Joan Didion’s “On Self-Respect” is the best essay I have read regarding the concept of self-respect and it is the best essay in which to learn a life lesson.

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Joan Didion explores the meaning of self respect. A person who has self respect for him or hers respects others. Respect comes in many different ways. It can be from how one person is taught as growing, earned or derived from family members. Didion’s essay shows us the may form of respect and throughout her writing she portrays various scenarios to define self respect.

A person who does not have self respect does not respect others usually this person has low self-esteem.

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When a person have low self-esteem, on the outside the person looks tough and unapproachable this is because to hide the insecurities of his or hers inside as Didion said “without self respect is to be unwilling audience of one to an interminable documentary that details one’s failing”. As a society we can be pre-judgmental when we see a person disrespect him or herself we assume that they might not have a good role model or live in a positive environment.

The cause of a person’s distraction of self disrespect is associated with behavioural, emotional and family issue most people who grow up with this type of behavior lack self respect. A person who have self respect, does respect others usually this persons is self assured and have a very good back ground. When a person is fully content and respectful to others it shows that the person has a positive attitude. The more a person values him or her, the more that person knows that they are worth something.

The more the person listens to themselves feelings and opinions, the more they know that they are worth something. Self-respect is an important value because its absence reduces self-confidence. Having self respect for one self and others will lead to a successful positive life. We learn to have self respect from our parents, grad parents, relatives, teachers, clergymen etc…. people we come in contact with frequently especially parents and grand parents are the most influential when it comes to learning because they… On Self Respect” By Joan Didion she explains her position of self respect and I have written my own view of what self respect is, which agrees with Joan’s definition. I agree with Joan Didion’s definition of self respect, but also, in a way self-respect is hard to define, because it is different for every person. It all depends on your values and what really matters most to you. Keep your values close to you, because they make up who you are, and how you act. If you lose sight of these values, then you have lost your self-respect and have turned into someone else. Self-respect has nothing to do with the approval of others. ” You shouldn’t care what other people think about you and let their opinions and thoughts get to you; they aren’t worth it. Don’t make yourself over just to please someone else because they are not you. “Discipline, the sense that one lives by doing things one does not particularly want to do. ” Only you can be you and what that is, no one will ever no. It’s something you have to find out on your own. It’s not necessarily easy, or the one thing that’s always one our mind.

But nonetheless, it’s there, and we all have to go through finding ourselves at one point in time no matter how long we wait to do it. “We eventually lie down in that notoriously uncomfortable bed, the one we make ourselves. Whatever we chose to do, what path to follow, we one day face ourselves, take a look in the mirror. Whether we like what we see and are proud of it, or we run away and hide, never becoming what we are meant to become. Our own self-respect is based on our values, but what we chose and make to be our values…

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Seeking Answers on Self-Respect: A Professional Writers Perspective

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