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Seated Basketball Throw

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (440 words)
Categories: Basketball, Sea
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Syphilis- A bacterial infection which causes a painless ulcer to develop 10-90 days after exposure. You may not be able to see the ulcer. It heals but causes even bigger problems if not fixed early. Stress is actually a state of arousal consisting of a number of body changes. The stress response is also known as the fight or flight response – either we fight the situation or we run away fast! When the problem is over, the body returns to its normal, relaxed state and we feel much better.

 While we cannot always remove ourselves from stressful situations, there are lots of ways to protect ourselves from the negative effects of stress. Examples include:

1. Aerobic exercise- gets rid of the chemicals in your body that cause muscles to be tense. It also helps you take your mind off other things, and helps you have a more restful sleep. 2. Talk to someone about our bad feelings or stress and what is causing them.

Find someone you like and trust. 3. Don’t try to do everything at once. 4. Keep some time everyday to do something you enjoy. 5. Look after your body by keeping a balanced diet and getting at least eight hours of sleep a night. Avoiding drugs such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol will keep your body healthy and give you the best possible chance of solving problems. A healthy body means a healthy mind.

6. Learn some different ways of relaxing. Techniques such as meditation, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation can get rid of energy that builds up in stressful situations. It’s so easy to be disorganised and disorganisation can lead to unnecessary streesful situations. Effective time managers include: Plan every day Concentrate on achieving gaols Are unperturbed by the unexpected which may “throw” others off task.  Believe in themselves and their abilities  Value organisation  Ensure that the least amount of pressure or lack of control occurs.

Willing and Able Definitions Self-Esteem = This is essentially how one feels about themselves. It involves feelings of worth and acceptance – feeling good and comfortable about themself. Self-Concept = This is essentially how one sees themselves. It consists of all the knowledge, beliefs, values and perceptions that one has about themself. Self-Confidence = This is one’s ability to accomplish life’s tasks. It relates the opinion of a person’s capabilities.

There is a big difference between people with a high self-esteem and people who hold an unrealistically high option of themselves. People with high self-esteem have confidence in themselves, but they don’t boast about their strengths or achievements. People who are conceited brag constantly. They build themselves up by putting others down. Such people almost always lack confidence in themselves and have poor self-esteem.

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