Scientific Management & Frederick Taylor

The scientific management is primarily concerned with giving tasks and techniques. This is a good approach to the business as it breaks jobs down into smallest component, each single component will separate specialised job to be allocated to a separate worker; which is really what Airgen needs in order to train its staff and have the right staff working in designated departments.

The responsibility of the management is to select, train and help workers to perform their work properly; and in return the workers the workers have to accept new methods and perform accordingly to training.

This approach to management sounds good and tempting to train your employees to do the job their employed to do, but on the other hand workers will become part of the machinery production (do their work like a machine).

Employees will then begin to have little appreciation for the job and will want out and having a high turn over on employees will cost the company more to train.

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Classical administering - Henry Fayol Henry Fayol did not make this theory to match with the matrix structure reason being is that this theory beliefs in the unity of command which means that for any given activity a subordinate should receive orders and report back to one boss only, and on the matrix structure the employees are receiving orders and reporting back to two (sometimes more) bosses.

Having the classical administration, will consist of dividing the work/activities according to the expertise or resources required - allowing people to bond to what they do best, this will encourage the functional organisation structure, strongly recommended in section 1, as it will separate the department and their different responsibilities.

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Managers will be given the authority to carry out the tasks assigned to them, so they are held responsible for exercising that authority (e.

g. the group purchasing manager is responsible for product A, B, C Ltd but the individual managers will be responsible for their own individual authority: his/her subordinates) authority will be passed down the chain, as the superiors give orders and instructions to subordinates, the subordinates will report back up the chain to their managers. Fairness and justice towards the employees should be encouraged and developed to the full in the work place.

Classical administration also has it's disadvantages and will affect areas of the business as they are not customer focused at all, they are slow to respond to customers demands so their has to be a balance between the work input and the customers. This style of management is often identified as "bureaucracy" and although its stable because its rigid devotion it has a slow respond to new technology, one which is of great importance to Airgen as a manufacturing company as they'll want to be on top with new technology.

The classical theory "bureaucratic" style does not believe that they should base their approach on the employees as much as the functions, which is when the human relations approach takes over. Human Relations approach - Elton Mayo The human relations approach focuses more on the human attitudes - "the need to companionship and belonging and seek satisfaction in the social relation they form at work".

I would not really recommend this management style to Airgen because as they are a production organisation they would want more products being made rather than worrying about their staff and since the machinery is doing the main job and the products are made using continuous processes there won't be much to do about the staff satisfaction as they keep doing the same job aver again.

Attempting to launch this theory could be risky in the financial side of the business as it is an expensive approach and the chances of it succeeding to me are very little, although they should give firs-class technical training - this will improve on their efficiency and should motivate workers with good job packages (e. g. good salary, holidays)

Updated: May 19, 2021
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