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Sample for Message writing

Categories: Writing

1. Read the following dialogue given below between Arun and Mr.Kumar, his father’s colleague. Prepare a message in 50 words as Arun informing Arun’s father about the details of the conversation. Put the message in a box. Mr.Kumar: Hello, can I speak to Mr. Menon please. Arun : Hello, this is Arun, Mr.Menon’s son. My father is not at home. Can I take a message? Mr.Kumar: Hi Arun, can you tell your father that he has to be at the advocate’s office at sharp 10 tomorrow and he should bring the file containing the company’s asset details.

Arun :I shall tell him the details when he returns. Have a nice day uncle. Mr.Kumar : Thank you Arun, it was a pleasure talking to you. MESSAGE 23rd August,2012 Dear daddy, Mr.Kumar, your colleague, had called to inform you that you are supposed to be at the advocate’s office at sharp 10 in the morning tomorrow. He wants you to carry the file containing the company’s asset details with you.

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I am going to the gym and will be back by 8. Arun 4 pm

Sample for Notice writing 1. Imagine you are the secretary of the Encon Club of your school. Write a notice in 50 words informing the school students about the Tree Plantation Drive which your club wishes to organize in the school premises in connection with the Environment Week Celebrations. Add all necessary details and put the notice in a box. Gregorian Public School NOTICE Tree Plantation Drive 27th April, 2012 The Encon club of our school has decided to organize a tree plantation drive in the school premises as part of the Environment Day Celebrations.

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The details are as follows: Date : 5th June, 2012 Time : 10 AM Venue : School Playground Those who are interested to contribute tree saplings should contact the undersigned on or before 1st June, 2012. XYZ Secretary (Encon Club)

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Sample for Message writing

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