Ensuring Urban Safety: A Multi-Faceted Approach.

In this day and age, the safety of city and citizen are essential for people’s life. But as the population of cities continues to increase, the safety of city has become a critical problem. The government or city planners should think highly of this problem and do some adjustment of the city. However, the safety of city is dependent on the infrastructure of the city, the role of government and improves awareness of people.

Firstly, in the public area, there should increase of the installation of safety equipment because it is important aspect for safe cities.

For one thing, the emergency phone is indispensable. If someone has trouble in the public area, the emergency phone can save their lives in timely manner. In addition, the street light must be built on the street. It will be more dangerous that pedestrians walk on the dark street. For another thing, when someone gets in trouble, the video monitor has played an essential role because which can make people know the specific situation.

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Secondly, the government should think highly of the problem of gap between the rich and the poor. In this cruel society, the rich people is so rich and the poor people is so poor, so some poor people do not have enough money to ensure the standard of life. Furthermore, they are forced by life. Because of this, the crime will increase if this problem is increasingly serious. On the other hand, the government should establish better social welfare policy.

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In some great extent, it is very important for many people who are very poor. On the other hand, the government should provide some chance of getting a job to poor people. When they get a fixed income, their quality of life will be much better.

In addition, the most important thing is people should improve their awareness of safety. For example, nowadays, more and more people are ignores the seriousness of this problem, so the government should increase the chance to safety propaganda. Moreover, people should have self-protection awareness. When they walk alone at night, they must have self-protection consciousness because it is associated with their life. For example, they should observe the surrounding environment and walk on the street which has street light as soon as possible.

In conclusion, nowadays, the basis of facilities、the role of the government and improve awareness of people has a positive effects on people’s lives and city. If a city wants to be safe, the people as citizens and the government should solve some problem that threatens their city. In the future, I hope the government and citizens can solve safety problems to pull together, so that the people can live on their city relieved.

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