Ruby on Rails MVC Web devleopment model

The ruby on tracks model is based upon MVC design form which is a Model View Controller form. This design rule divides the work of an application into three separate beds where the presentation to the client is handled by positions, the database communicating is handled by the theoretical account bed and the accountant is used for communicating between these two beds and handle petitions from clients and users

Model ( In tracks known as ActiveRecord )

The theoretical account bed is the in-between bed of the MVC design form.

It is used for database communicating and fundamentally maintains all the relationships between Object and Database and it is besides used for managing proof, association, minutess, and more between different objects.

This bed is implemented in ActiveRecord library which is the basal library in tracks for managing object theoretical account petitions and which provides an interface and binding between the tabular arraies in a relational database and the Ruby plan codification that manipulates database records.

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Positions are chiefly at that place to manage the presentation of consequences, informations to the end-user. In tracks informations can be presented in different methods such as those in response to general hypertext markup language petitions where hypertext markup language page is eventually rendered to the clients, or in response of json or Ajax petitions where the responses are json objects etc.

Script based templating like other platform is used in tracks and that is known as Embedded ruby based systems which generate positions file that normally stop up with extensions filename.

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html.erb where file name is normally the file name and that precedes the extension normally used for bring forthing hypertext markup language book based response.

Controller ( In Rails known as ActionController ) :

Controller is the anchor for any rials applications. Through this bed all the petitions that are generated by the clients and all the responses that the waiter generates is handled. It chiefly acts a traffic accountant in existent universe life whose basic purpose is to airt control from one topographic point to another and who is besides involved in communicating with different other beds such as theoretical accounts and positions for bring forthing the needed reponses to the clients

Advantages of using Ruby on Rails

Tracks is built unfastened ruby linguistic communication which is a dynamically programming linguistic communication. So the basic advantage of tracks comes by the use of this linguistic communication because ruby makes life easier to make meta scheduling.

One of the advantages of Rails is that its an MVC model where Rails provides all the beds for managing the positions, the database communicating ( theoretical accounts ) and the interaction between both of these beds through accountants. Other models rely on different developmental attempts to accomplish this

Another cardinal characteristic is the function of database tabular arraies to Ruby objects known as theoretical accounts. Your application codification and your running database already incorporate everything Rails needs to cognize so you dont have to manage the inner inside informations.

Tracks can automatically manage lower-level inside informations without you holding to state it to make so. Hence you merely compose fewer lines of codification to accomplish a certain functionality and besides faster public presentation in return.

Tracks follows a strategy of convention over constellation. Rails ‘ usage of runtime contemplation and metaprogramming eliminates much of the codification that you would otherwise hold to make.

The typical development rhythm for proving a alteration to a web app has stairss such as configure, compile, deploy, reset, and trial. Rails has its ain testing environments with power to compose integrating, functional and deep down unit degree testing.

One of the exciting characteristics in tracks is scaffolding. With scaffolding Tracks can automatically make a full set of CRUD ( Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete ) operations and positions on any database tabular array. They can so custom-make and made in a mode that you would lke to utilize for your applications.

Since tracks is unfastened beginning there are a big figure of parts by a big set of unfastened beginning developers that are really helpful such as friendly URLs for bring forthing hunt engine friendly urls that can pull more and more patronages for any web site.

This model besides provides the mechanism of filters. They allow you to run preprocessing codification before Rails executes an action and post-processing codification after it completes an action. They are utile for such things as caching or hallmark before naming the action, and compaction or localisation of the response after naming an action.

The mechanism of treating AJAX petitions is handled really easy in tracks. Rails has a simple, consistent theoretical account for how it implements Ajax operations. Once the browser has rendered and displayed the initial web page, different user actions cause it to expose a new web page ( like any traditional web app ) or trigger an Ajax operation.

Disdvantages of using Ruby on Rails

Apart from all of the advantages that have been mentioned in the support utilizing ruby on tracks model. There are some of the issues with this model:

Speed ( particularly on Windows ) -not compiled like.Net is a major. Normally the applications built utilizing ruby on tracks are non the fastest 1s about.

Since its a new platform and there are no big figure of coders of ruby on tracks. Sometimes for a newcomer its a hard platform for new users to get by up with and it takes a batch of clip to get the hang this model

Since it has merely been around for merely a few users. The support for this model is likely non the best 1s. Unlike other mature models such as similar.NET there is No MSDN-like phone support for ROR.

Rails doesnt provide any kind of waiter controls for Rapid GUI Development Scalability is sometimes a truly of import issue with this model.

One possible restraint that you may necessitate to see is that it may non suit really good in an bing ‘enterprise ‘ architecture with all sorts of regulations and ordinances. For illustration, certain large companies have policies such as utilizing stored processs to entree databases and to utilize certain appellative conventions for table/field names etc. Under such fortunes, Rails will get down to free its thaumaturgy since it relies on “ convension over constellation ” and automatically reflects on the implicit in table/field construction to dynamically make Records.

Another restraint that you may desire to believe of is the Security. There are good established tools/libraries/techniques in corporate environment that have leveraged C++/Java for a long clip. Ruby/Rails is merely excessively new and a spot immature to be able to dispute them yet. Though, will JRuby looming on horiozon, you should be able to mix-and-match at least in theory. A similar statement can be made for a two stage commit demand. Now, you have to equilibrate all this in pattern. How frequently do you necessitate aforementioned characteristics? Most people overestimate that. On the other manus, in a fiscal services environment, e.g. banking, such characteristics are critical demands and can non be compromised upon. That will still be the sod of C++/Java/J2EE.


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